Every year, One Warm Coat partners with 1,500+ nonprofit agencies to distribute gently worn and new coats across the United States. As part of our Coat Drive Program, volunteer Coat Drive Ambassadors use the Nonprofit Locator Map to find a nonprofit agency or school in their area that needs coats. Each Ambassador individually selects an organization from the map, then reaches out to them directly to deliver the coats they’ve collected.

How We Can Help

As One Warm Coat’s Nonprofit Partner, One Warm Coat provides nonprofit agencies with:

  • A listing on the Nonprofit Locator Map, where thousands of local volunteers look for nonprofits in their area in need of coats
  • An opportunity to receive gently worn coats through one of One Warm Coat’s sponsored national coat drives


To qualify to receive coats and remain on the Nonprofit Locator Map annually, nonprofit agencies must:

  • Be a registered nonprofit in good standing with the IRS.
  • Work directly with individuals in need.
  • Acknowledge they are able to accept gently worn coats
  • Guarantee that they will distribute the coats for free and without discrimination (Note: Coats received through One Warm Coat may not be sold.)
  • Renew/update registration annually and when any changes in address or contacts are needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Coats must be given for FREE to recipients, without discrimination or obligation. Coats cannot be sold in thrift stores.

Once you complete the registration process, your organization will be listed on the Nonprofit Locator Map. One Warm Coat staff will review your application to ensure your organization meets the guidelines. Applications are generally accepted within 3 business days. Once approved, an email will be sent notifying you that your organization is approved.

Unfortunately, One Warm Coat is not able to guarantee your organization will receive coats each year. Because coats are delivered by volunteer Coat Drive Ambassadors, One Warm Coat cannot know in advance where coat drives will be held. You can increase your chance of receiving coats by holding your own coat drive – as a registered agency you would keep all coats you collect to distribute. One Warm Coat provides many free tools to help your organization spread the word about your need for coats in your community.

If your agency is in a crisis situation and in immediate need of coats, please let us know. We may be able to provide assistance.

If during the fall and winter collection months your organization can no longer accept coat donations, please email us and we will “hide” your agency from the Nonprofit Locator Map for the remainder of the season.  Your information will be retained and will be displayed on the map again next year, as long as you complete the renewal process.

One Warm Coat asks our Ambassadors to only donate clean and wearable coats; over 95% of the coats donated meet this standard. If you receive coats that are unusable, please dispose of them.

In addition to your listing on the Nonprofit Locator Map, One Warm Coat will send you emails and newsletters about once a month. One Warm Coat will never sell your information to any third party or sponsor.

Yes. If you no longer wish to receive coats please email us.

Please email us with any changes to your organization’s profile. 

Yes! One Warm Coat’s logo is available for your use in publicizing or promoting the coat collection or distribution process. Please share articles and press releases with us and tag us in your social media posts @onewarmcoat.

All financial donations to coat drives go to One Warm Coat, but all coats collected during your coat drive are retained by your agency to distribute to your clients.

No, One Warm Coat is not a grant-making organization. Any funds raised for One Warm Coat as part of a coat drive, stay with One Warm Coat and support the Coat Drive Program. If your organization holds a coat drive, and choses to use the personal coat drive page to fundraise, those funds stay with One Warm Coat and are not dispersed to your organization.