Coat Drive Program

One Warm Coat is the only national nonprofit organization facilitating coat drives. One Warm Coat supports individuals, groups, companies, and organizations by providing the tools and resources needed to hold a successful coat drive. Coats are distributed in the communities where they are collected, to any person in need, without charge or discrimination. Through the Coat Drive Program, every $1 donated warms 1 person.

Rack of Coats

Nonprofit Partnerships

One Warm Coat’s network of more than 1,500 nonprofit partner organizations and schools are integral to our programs. One Warm Coat’s partner organizations represent a broad spectrum of social services, and One Warm Coat assists these organizations by providing coats for their clients and enabling them to direct more valuable resources toward their primary mission.  In return, participating organizations distribute coats in local communities across the country to the people they serve. Coats are distributed for free and without discrimination to children and adults in need.

Zero Waste Initiative

One Warm Coat offers an environmentally conscious solution to retailers and manufacturers with overstock, irregular, and sample outerwear that cannot be sold. Through the Zero Waste Initiative, we provide an eco-friendly alternative to adding textile items to the landfill, and give the outerwear directly to our nonprofit partner organizations. The nonprofit organizations then distribute the outerwear items to children and adults in need across the United States and Canada.

Crisis Coat Fund

The Crisis Coat Fund enables One Warm Coat to provide coats for a specific geographic area or partner agency by purchasing coats at wholesale prices and shipping them directly to where there is an emergent need that is not being fully met through the Coat Drive Program.

Disaster Relief

One Warm Coat responds to natural disasters that put children and adults at risk due to cold weather by shipping donations of outerwear to our network of nonprofit partner agencies in the affected areas to distribute immediately to people in need.