Paying It Forward

A Brooks Brothers customer was recently shopping at their local store and was made aware of Brooks Brothers’ 6th annual One Warm Coat coat drive. The customer approached the staff and asked if they accepted children’s coats, the staff member said: “of course we do!”.  The customer said she would be back soon and left.

A little while later, the customer returned with two brand new children’s coats and one adult coat which she had just gone and purchased. She told the Brooks Brothers’ staff members that her brother had gotten tickets to one of the Red Sox World Series games and when she gave him a check for her ticket, he tore the check up and told her the ticket was on him.

She decided to pay his generosity forward and use the dollars she had been planning on paying for the ticket and do something good with the money, so she purchased and donated three coats! The customer did not want recognition for her donation, she simply hoped that the coats find good homes and help some folks in need!

What an awesome story! We are grateful for the generosity of this wonderful Brooks Brothers’ customer and of course to Brooks Brothers for spreading warmth for the 6th year.  Brooks Brothers’ coat drive ends on 11/17 – you can find a store near you here: