HOPe Africa: One Warm Coat-Hand Gloves Donations Extended to St. Regis Academy basketball players, families.

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One Warm Coat is a national non-profit organization that works to provide a free, warm coat to any person in need; it supports individuals, groups, companies, and organizations like HOPe Africa across the country by providing the tools and resources needed to hold a successful coat drive.

Late in December, we received an email from Jessica Skimel, the Program Manager, we knew all hope was not lost. As such, there’s hope for the community we serve that are always waiting on us, annually to keep warm. Jessica’s email confirmed approximately 200 leather gloves would arrive via shipment in within 3-7 days. While waiting to receive the consignments, we completed a need assessment via phone calls, emails, ads, etc. They surprised HOPe Africa with high quality, very comfortable, soothing leather hand gloves. The items received is a mix of adult men, women and youth gloves.

Coincidentally, St. Regis Academy basketball team that recently won their tournament were in training for the next competition made the assessment.  As HOPe Africa stormed their gym with boxes of the hand gloves, you can feel the excitement from the parents, spectators, and players. Invariably each and everyone searched for matching sizes, including the coach. The event was captured in the videography: St Regis Academy; HOPe Africa hand gloves donation

Mr. Francis John, HOPe Africa Executive Director, used the opportunity to thank One Warm Coat, most especially Jessica Skimel for considering the organization at the time of need. He encouraged organizations to find tips and lead to help One Warm Coat.

HOPe Africa is always giving away “One Warm Coat donations” for free, without discrimination or obligation. When contacted, Mrs. Robin Fisher, St Regis Academy http://stregisschool.com/principal remained very appreciative for the magnanimous gifts.