Promote & Celebrate Your Coat Drive On Social Media

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How to use social media for your coat drive:

  1. Like/Follow One Warm Coat’s social media pages, linked above.
  2. Share your personal coat drive page to promote your coat drive & tell others how to get involved
  3. Celebrate your drive by posting pictures and videos and share them with us!  Tag us @onewarmcoat, #sharewarmth

You will receive the link to your personal coat drive page when you register your coat drive. 

Use this page to promote your coat drive details (date, location, contact info.) and track how many coats and dollars you’ve collected.

Simply copy and paste the URL link into a Facebook and/or Twitter post and you can easily share it with your social network. This is a great tool for promoting your drive and keeping everyone up to date on your goals!

Sample Social Media Posts

Personalize and share the sample social media posts below (or create your own!). Be sure to visit the graphics and posters pages to choose images to accompany the posts below and be sure to include a link to your coat drive page!

  • Millions of Americans can’t afford coats for their family. I’m holding a @onewarmcoat drive on (date). Stop by with your gently worn coats. #sharewarmth
  • A 2-degree drop in body temperature results in reduced heart rate, loss of coordination, and confusion. Help me spread warmth by donating coats to my @onewarmcoat drive on (date) at (location). #sharewarmth
  • For the 37 million Americans living in poverty, a warm winter coat is a budget “extra.” You can help by donating gently worn coats to my @onewarmcoat drive. #sharewarmth
  • 1 in 5 American children is living in poverty. Please donate gently worn children’s coats to my @onewarmcoat drive on (date) at (location). #sharewarmth
  • Do you have coats in your closet that you no longer wear? Donate them! Stop by my @onewarmcoat drive at (location) on (date) and donate your gently worn coats to a great cause! #sharewarmth
  • I’m #sharingwarmth in my community by holding a @onewarmcoat drive. Ask me how you can get involved!
  • Today I gave the gift of warmth by donating gently worn coats from my closet. #ShareWarmth