Thank you for your interest in One Warm Coat.

We receive a high volume of calls and emails during our fall and winter coat drive season. In fact we are expecting 3,500+ coat drives this year! Please have patience when emailing or leaving a voice mail, we will respond to you as soon as we are able. Many of your questions can be quickly answered by visiting our Hold a Coat Drive menu and our Online Guide. Some of our most common questions/requests are answered below. If your question/request is not answered in our FAQ section, please fill out the contact form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

I would like to organize a drive but don’t know how to get started.

We have made it easy for you by providing instructions from start to finish in Six Easy Steps. You will find answers to most of your questions by clicking on the links provided or reviewing our Online Guide.

Is there a cost or fee to participate in One Warm Coat?

There is not a registration fee to register a coat drive, unless you are registering a small business and will be promoting your coat drive to the public. 

How do team coat drives work?

Creating a team is really easy! If you are a company that has more than one office holding a coat drive, you can create a team so that all offices will be connected. Maybe you are a community drive that has several groups working together to hold a coat drive - a team would be a great fit here too. Or a school that is engaging several classroom or clubs.  The possibilities are endless if you have more than one group or location holding a drive.


To create a team, the first coat drive from your group to register needs to chose "register as a team" when prompted during the registration process.  That team member will name the team.  All subsequent team members should choose "join a team" when prompted, and then scroll through the team options until they see their team name.

Any coat drive "type" can create and join teams.

If you are a business with more than 5 public-facing locations holding a coat drive, please email us before registering.

I'm a Business/Retail Drive with 5+ Locations.

If you are a Business/Retailer with 5 or more locations and you are interested in holding a coat drive, please email us. Thanks for your interest!

Which coat drives display on the Donate A Coat map?

Business/Retail drives, which pay a $50 registration fee per location, and One Warm Coat's sponsors, are listed on the  Donate A Coat map.

If you are not registering as a Business/Retail drive but would like your coat drive listed on the map, you may register as a 'Non-Business Drive - Map' and your coat drive will then be listed on the Donate A Coat map. There is a $50 fee associated with this registration level. 

Will I receive a Coat Drive Kit in the mail?

No, we no longer mail Coat Drive Kits to our Ambassadors.  

To ensure that we are using funds in the best way possible and providing as many coats to our neighbors as we can, we’ve gone digital!  Registered Ambassadors receive a digital Welcome Packet once their registration is complete and are able to order several items from our new online store. Additionally, registered Ambassadors have access to many free tools and resources on our website.

Is there a collection box you can send us?

Yes! Collection boxes are available in our online store.

If you do not want to purchase a box, we encourage you to be creative and reduce/reuse/recycle old boxes, clean garbage cans – a container of any kind will work! Putting a collection bin together is super easy – check out our How to Build A Collection Bin page.

How do I access the Tools & Resources?

Tools & Resources are provided for our registered Coat Drive Ambassadors. If you are a registered Ambassador, links to individual tools can be found in the confirmation email you received when you registered your coat drive. 

If you do not believe you received this confirmation, please contact us and we will send it to you again. 

If you are not a registered Ambassador, please register your coat drive now!

Is it only coats?

Think of any outerwear that will keep someone warm — coats, sweaters, jackets, sweatshirts, or scarves. Also, if you have any hats or mittens, they would be appreciated also.

How do I track coat totals?

There is a button on the left side of your personal coat drive page that says "Report My Coat Totals". You can report your totals there or by visiting Remember to update your followers on how many coats have been donated by editing your coat drive page text box.

I need to find a nonprofit partner near my home or business.

Time for Step 6 - Deliver Your Coats!  You decide where you will deliver the coats you collected.  Please use the Nonprofit Locator Map to find an approved partner near you. (One Warm Coat does not pick up). 

This is not a complete list of organizations that support those in need — it is just the beginning! If you cannot find a registered agency close by, you might want to perform a “Google search” for “homeless assistance + your town” or take a look in your telephone directory; churches and food banks often distribute coats to those in need.

We have one rule for a One Warm Coat event — the coat must be GIVEN away and we request that the agency register on our site. Remember – you should always contact your selected agency BEFORE you deliver your coats to ensure they will be able to accept the coats.

Please be sure that coats are clean and ready to be worn!

How do I connect my Coat Drive page and Facebook?
During the coat drive registration process, you are able to create an account using Facebook. By linking your Facebook account to your Coat Drive page during registration, it allows you to comment on your Coat Drive page using your Facebook name. You may also then share that comment on your Facebook page.
To share your Coat Drive page on Facebook, copy the URL and post it as your status on Facebook. Your followers will be able to then click on that link and go right to your Coat Drive page.
Facebook Fundraisers do not integrate directly with your Coat Drive page, and donations will not display on the Coat Drive page in real time.  One Warm Coat receives disbursements of Facebook donations on a monthly basis.  Once One Warm Coat receives the funds from Facebook, they will be deposited and credited to your Coat Drive page.
At this time, you cannot link a Facebook Managed Page with your Coat Drive page, you are only able to connect with a personal account.



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Please do not send coats or packages to this address: One Warm Coat 2443 Fillmore St. #380-5363 San Francisco, CA 94115


You can reach our message line at 877-663-9276.

One Warm Coat is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, EIN #74-3045243. Coat and dollar donations and contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law. 877-663-9276