Annual Report 2018/ 2019 

Nearly 4,000 children, adults, companies, groups and organizations held a coat drive this past winter! One Warm Coat’s Ambassadors amaze us every year with their creativity and goodwill.  Every coat drive is different and special, but the end result is the same: warm coats are provided to your neighbors who need them the most.  Here are some highlights from each type of coat drive with just a few of the incredible stories that you have shared with us.

Nonprofit and Faith-Based drives accounted for 8% of all coat drives this year. 

The Orinda Association’s (OA) third annual coat drive, held Nov. 1- Dec. 14 concluded with 374 coats donated. Ambassador Kate told us, “we love this project!”

“This was an amazing year. The generosity of our local residents and our partnerships with Sleepy Hollow School and Orinda Rotary resulted in this sizable jump from last year’s 165 donated coats,” said OA member and OWC Ambassador Kate.

One of the biggest local supporters to OA’s drive was Sleepy Hollow Elementary School, which asked families to donate new or gently used child-size coats in bins outside the school office. Fifteen fourth and fifth grade student council volunteers at Sleepy Hollow, helped sort, count and bundle coats. “The kids really took the job seriously,” says OA staff member Cathy G. “They were very focused on the task and understood who the recipients would be.”

Coats garnered from this community-wide effort went to White Pony Express, and some were distributed to Camp Fire victims and residents of Contra Costa County in need.

The Orinda Association, CA

School drives accounted for 11% of all coat drives this year. 

Students from St. Finn Barr School held their 6th annual coat drive as part of a yearly service project to spread warmth in their community.

 They told us, “because of our school community’s generosity, we were able to give warmth to homeless families in San Francisco. This year we collected 154 coats and winter accessories that were given to the St. Anthony Foundation to distribute.”

St. Finn Barr Catholic School, CA

Youth Led drives accounted for 6% of all coat drives this year. 

Ten-year-old Gabriel organized his third annual coat drive this year as part of his Team Life Changer initiative, looking to provide warmth and hope to his neighbors in need.

Gabe’s slogan is, “one coat changes one life” and he has changed thousands during the last three years.

This year, he had 7 drop-off locations around New York City, collecting 378 coats and $830! Gabe said, “This was our biggest year yet. We got more than the last two years combined. It was so fun delivering the coats and working with the great volunteers at New York Cares. I love helping to give warmth to people in need.”

Gabriel G., NY

Individual drives accounted for 11% of all coat drives this year. 

In February 2018, 90 year-old Charlotte Goldberg passed away. The beloved mother, grandmother and great-mother hated to see anyone cold and spent many years reminding her family to bundle-up before heading outside in the winter. With this sentiment in mind, Charlotte’s family asked for donations to be made to One Warm Coat in her memory.

In addition to the many donations One Warm Coat received, Charlotte’s daughter Randy decided to extend her legacy by hosting “Nana Charlotte’s Coat Drive” this past fall/winter.

Randy told us, “The outpouring of support for Nana Charlotte’s Coat Drive was beyond anything I could have imagined. I was so touched by the courage so many shared when they told me that this drive prompted them to donate coats from loved ones who were no longer with them. Each coat had a story and I am certain that the people receiving them felt the warmth of everyone’s beloved. Many, many of those beautiful coats were handmade, with extra loving care, which I’m sure meant so much to the recipients.”

Randy continued, “The generosity of so many did not go unnoticed. I think that when my Mom told me to wear a coat, she was expressing love in so many ways. Now, we as a community have helped share her love with almost 13,000 people! I know she would have been thrilled and I am so overwhelmed by the magnitude of my mom’s impact.”

Randy G., MD

Community Group drives accounted for 7% of all coat drives this year. 

The Parque Zaragoza Neighborhood Association held a coat drive in East Austin Texas from January – February to provide new or like-new coats, gloves, scarfs and hats during Austin’s winter months to youth and adult homeless shelters, women and children’s domestic abuse safe houses and/or anyone in need.

 They said, “Together, our East Austin community can spread warmth to our most vulnerable members in need. Let’s ensure that everyone in our community is healthy and warm.”

 The PZNA had three drop-off locations around East Austin and collected 209 coats! Their coats were delivered to SAFE Alliance, Casa Marianella and Posada Esperanza shelters.

The Parque Zaragoza Neighborhood Association, TX

Business drives accounted for 24% of all coat drives this year. 

LaFauci Tile held a coat drive for the month of December to give back to their local community and make sure that no man, woman or child goes cold this winter. They said, “New England Winters can be brutal especially without proper attire. We plan on trying to collect enough winter clothing to donate back to local shelters in efforts to help those less fortunate this winter season. Any customer donating will receive a 10% discount off their current purchase.”

At the end of their drive, they had collected 320 warm coats, plus sweaters, scarves and hats – they needed to use a truck to deliver all of the generous donations they received! They told us that they had a great time dropping the coats off at a local community center.

LaFauci Tile & Marble, MA

Report for One Warm Coat

You changed lives for the better this year.  Thank you for every coat and dollar donation that provided much needed warmth across the country. 

Our Coat Drive program would not be possible without you, of course – or without our nonprofit partners.  We have more than 1,000 nonprofit partners across the US who distribute the coats our Ambassadors collect. We are so grateful for their partnership and the amazing work they are doing in their communities.  Below you’ll find testimonials from three of those partners and the impact One Warm Coat Ambassadors have on those they serve…


“This was the first year we received coats from One Warm Coat to help support our mission.

We received just under 400 coats from four drives. Feeling an urgency to place these items into the hands that needed this help, we contacted two local elementary schools and one middle school and with the coordination of the social workers and counselors, we placed items for all the children. We also distributed coats during our Food 4 The Hungry event and delivered coats to two local shelters and families that had reached out for emergency food deliveries.

Nearly 400 people in Forsyth County, GA who really needed coats this winter, received one! To add to the blessing, we have a variety of coats to store as a start for the 2019/2020 winter distribution. It truly is more blessed to give than receive!


Thank you to all the partners, schools and individuals who made this possible.”

The Marcus E & Sharon B. Gunter Foundation, Inc.,

Cumming, GA

“The Ruth M. Kirk Learning and Recreational Center signed up to partner with One Warm Coat and it wasn’t long after that we started getting calls from people and businesses that had coat drives and wanted to donate coats.

One Warm Coat has been instrumental in making all those connections, they even reached out in our desperate time of need and found a donor who donated $500 worth of coats, at the same time we were having our Food Drive!

The Ruth M. Kirk Learning and Recreational Center is a non profit that helps families and children with the essentials for everyday life in Baltimore, Maryland.” 

The Ruth M.Kirk Learning and Recreational Center

Baltimore, MD

“We are very grateful for the support and broad awareness One Warm Coat drives provide for us on a continuous basis.

We receive email and email and phone call after phone call from businesses and families wanting to donate coats. We really appreciate that because we give hundreds of coats away to homeless neighbors who come to our Georgetown Food Bank in South Seattle. We need and appreciate your support!

The coats shown in the photo were donated to us through Bertschi School in Seattle.” 

St. Vincent de Paul

Seattle, WA

Listen first-hand to the impact that giving and receiving a coat had on two women last winter.



Summary of Donations:

In-Kind: Value of Gently Worn Coats $1,330,863
In-Kind: Value of New Coats & Outerwear $305,107
Cash: Sponsorships $26,452
Cash: Contributions $346,338
Total Value of Donated Coats and Contributions:  $2,008,760  



Summary of Expenses:

Program: In-Kind Coats & Outerwear $2,031,701
Fundraising $91,006
Administrative $36,185
Total Value of Coats Distributed and Costs:



We are so grateful to our sponsors who help make our Coat Drive Program possible!

Five companies and one individual donor provided in-kind donations to One Warm Coat this winter, giving the gift of warmth to more than two thousand people. Thank you to these generous donors!

UNRL: 900 coats

PBS: 160 coats 

Spyder: 298 coats

Leather Gloves Online: 473 pairs of gloves

U.S. Soccer Federation: 280 coats 

Lisa Salecker-Lisiecki: 110 coats


One of OWC’s nonprofit partners, SmileFaith, located in KY, was the recipient of a coat donation from UNRL this year. 
“We are so grateful for the donation of new coats. To date, we have distributed 138 coats throughout our community to various groups and centers.
    The last 200 will be saved to hand out at our annual community Christmas Outreach. At the Christmas Outreach we have been short on coats every year and have not been able to provide new coats for all of the families until your generous donation arrived. We usually have 300+ people in attendance at this event.
    My two young sons, aged 3 and 5, as well as my 4-year-old nephew, (shown in the second picture) are shown helping distribute the coat because they wanted  “to help be a part of keeping our community warm.” It melted my heart that they were so excited to help.
    Thank you so much to One Warm Coat and UNRL for all that you do.”

    The generous donors who support One Warm Coat through financial contributions allow us to fulfill our mission of providing free coats to people in need.  Thank you to each donor for warming their community, one coat at a time.

    If you would like your name removed from this list, please contact us at 877-663-9276 x 2 or email

    *Denotes member of Warmth Warriors Monthly Giving Club

    Becca ’99
    8z Real Estate Arvada
    9th Grade Confirmation Class at Church of Saint Ann in Avon CT
    ODESSA Abarquez
    Nicholas Abbott
    Able Mind & Body Home Care
    Abramson Center for Jewish Life
    Kathy Absher
    David Adams
    Charlie Adams
    Rita Adams Hatfield
    Cynthia Adams Holliday
    Becky Adams Sheppard
    Mary Adler
    Aryele Adube
    Tiago Aguiar
    AKF Group LLC
    Antoinette Alaimo Giardina
    Shwetha Alampalli
    Shannon Alaouieh
    David Albano
    Kristin Albrecht
    Chris Albright
    Bruce Alexander
    Zaman Ali
    Kate Allison
    Jen Alridge
    Marie Alvarez
    Julieth Alvarez
    Christopher Amendano
    Beth Amodio
    Heather Amos
    Maria Anaya
    David Bruce Anderson
    Meredith Anderson
    Courtland Anderson
    Mike Andridge
    Kati Angelini
    Michael Ankrom
    Michelle Ann
    Jason Antwine
    Lea Apone
    Patricia Appleman
    Esteban Arcaute
    Marisol Arenas
    Joan Arentzen
    Laura Armour
    Christopher Armstrong
    Carolyn Arote
    Priti & Sanjeev Arya
    Cooper & Barbara Ashley
    Kimmy Ashton
    AWT Labels & Packaging Employees
    Jennie Bachelor
    Gretchen Badertscher
    Kike Badru
    Ranjan Bagchi
    Wendy Bagley
    Rosie Bailey
    Krista & Nathan Bailey
    Bain, Mazza & Debski LLP
    Coimbatore Balaji
    Tina Balani
    Katherine Baldwin
    Amanda Ballard
    Trang Banh
    Susan Barasch
    Robert Barenberg
    Barings Company Jeans Day
    Sarah Barnitt
    Don Barrera
    Kathleen Barrett
    Denise Barrow
    Amanda Barsley
    Ittai Barzilay
    Kenneth Bass
    BASS Medical Group
    Peter Bassett
    Kris Batar
    Martha Batke-Lehrman
    Teresa Bauer
    Kathy Bayless
    Tyler Beck
    Lisa Beck
    Emily Becker
    Mark Bedsole
    Cheryl Bell
    Christopher Bell
    Elizabeth Below
    Mike Beltzner
    R L & B K Bendure
    Joe Benedetti
    Alandsue Benedict
    Virginia Benson
    Grant Berdan
    Susan Berry
    Henry Bertram
    Prabhjot Bhandal
    Udbhav Bhatnagar
    Melissa Biesecker
    Biotechnology Innovation Organization
    Meredith Bird
    Bishop McNamara High School
    Tom Bitell
    Shmuel Blacher
    Bill Blackburn
    Kyle Blakeney
    Uriah Blatherwick
    Michael & Susan Bleser
    Bloomfield Yoga
    Ella Bloomquist
    Andrea Blythe
    Kathy Boas
    Boeing 747/767 Program Business Operations
    Idalia Bogaert
    Cynthia Bohan
    Amanda Bomba
    Brent Bonham
    Nancy Bonnema
    Brent Borel
    Margaret Bortner
    Kathleen Boudavong
    Frank Bower
    Michael Bowman
    Leslie Boyd
    Cassie Boyle
    Connie Bozant
    Brady and Ava’s 2018 Warm Coats for the Winter Coat Drive
    Fred Bravo
    Kelsey Brenneman
    Linda Brenner
    Casey Bridgers
    Dawn Briggs
    Jeffrey Brikho
    Katherine Brinn
    Diana Brokaw
    Rhea Bromley
    Josh Brooks
    Michelle Brooks
    Susan Sonnesyn Brooks
    Kim Broome
    Zach Brounoff
    Bonnie Brovitz
    Charlene Brown
    Chris Brown
    Gene Brown
    Tira Brown
    Julie Bruce
    Kelsey Brumm
    Kelly Bryant
    Florence Buckley
    John Buendia
    Mark Bulmer
    Victoria Burke
    Thomas Burns
    Ian Burrows
    Laura Bushnell
    Mihnea Buzoianu
    C&S Volunteer Employees
    C&S Wholesale Grocers
    Jessi Ca
    Theresa Murray Caffey
    Vicki Caldwell
    Rick Calhoun
    Miriam Call
    Suzy Calvey
    Emily Camillo
    Caminez Chiropractic
    Carolyn Cammarano
    Camp PLAY
    Shawn Campbell
    Carlos Campo Osorio
    Stephen Cannon
    Dexter Capinpin
    Matthew Capone
    Gisela Cappiello
    Amybelle Capule
    Cara Carbonell-Wittman
    Carhartt Retail, LLC
    Laura Carinci
    CarMax Foundation
    Pam Carney
    Susan P Carroll
    Robert & Melissa Cassel
    Cassie James Foundation Inc
    Timothy Castaldy
    Anthony Castaneda
    Annette Castro-Cordero
    Nancy Cavallero
    Michael & Donna Cecil
    Alyse Ceirante
    Irene Cermeno
    Amy Cernitz
    Rana Chaaban
    Kavita Chadda
    Manveet Chadha
    Emma Chaffee
    Tonya Chagdes
    Kelly Challand
    Deborah Chambers
    Ramzey Chammout
    Mae Chan
    Stephen chan
    Imelda Chanax
    Mati Chanax-Gonzalez
    Rama Chandhrasekhar
    Nicole Chanlatte
    Patricia Chavez
    Winny Chen
    Richard Cheney
    Xi Cheng
    Denise Chester
    Kiendra Chester
    Kevin & Kailyn Cheung
    Ciara Chey
    Eric Chiang
    Michele Verrier Chiarello
    Donna M Chilelli
    Donna Chilelli
    Michael Chirdo
    Padma Chivukula
    Choice Hotel Owners
    Janet Chopack
    Jane Chope
    Ken Chow
    Christ The King Lutheran Church
    Mark Christian
    Nancy Christiansen
    John & Marie Christie
    Christina Meakim Chiropractic Corporation
    Steven Christopher
    Connie Chronister
    John Cialone
    Lisa Cianciarulo
    Jennifer Ciannella
    Maria Cirino
    Charlene Clark
    Jay Clark
    Ashley Clements
    Stephen Cloughesy
    Sharon Cobb
    Linda & Ignacio Coello
    Brian Cole
    Jason Cole
    Erica Coleman
    Dan Coleman
    Carrol Coleman
    Michelle Collier
    Thomas Collins
    Elena Colon-Marrero
    Edward C Coltharp
    Heather Conley
    Nadine Conner
    Christy Cook
    JoAnn Cooney
    Elliott Cooper
    Orlanda Copeland
    Kathy Cordova
    Jocelyn Costello
    Barbara Costigliolo
    Deborah Cota
    Lori Crawford
    Evelyn Crenshaw
    Evelyn Crenshaw
    Laura and Frederick Cribbons
    Mark Crockett
    William Crosbie
    Joe Cuccinotto
    Peggy Cunningham
    Denis & Susan Curran Curran
    Amanda Curry
    Stephanie Curtis
    Melanie Cusick
    Jeffrey Cyborowski
    Mira Cymerman
    D.H. Smith Company, Inc.
    Amy Dabrowski
    Krista Dahl Kusuma
    Daisy Troop 5177
    Daisy Troop 85248
    Reid Dallas
    Danielle Daloia
    Danol Salon LLC
    Kaushik Das
    Laurie Date
    Christina DauriaCox
    David Weekley Homes
    Charlene Davidson
    Sonia Davis
    Darrell & Tamora Dawes
    Stacy Dawson
    Kenneth Day
    Oanh Day
    Umeshwar Dayal
    Dayla & Donnie Marie
    Mark de Langen
    Grant DeBruin
    Taylor Decker
    James DeFrank
    Harriet Deitz
    Diane Del Conte
    Ava Delgado
    Mary Delikahya
    Rachel DeLise
    Dell Help PLANET ERG
    Dell’s Santa Clara Office
    Jennifer DeLoche
    Delta Air Lines
    Delta Air Lines Singapore Airport Customer Service
    Delta Airlines LAX ACC
    Marianne DeMarco
    DeMaria Building Company
    Nora Demick
    Leah Denman
    Marcy Desantis
    Destination Wealth Management
    Kelly Deutsch
    Gaurav Dey
    Denise DiCataldo
    Sara Dickerson Fairbanks
    Joseph Dickman
    Dinora Dinora
    Terry Dixon
    DKS Associates
    Steven R. Doane
    Andy & Eva Dobrov
    Nicki Domurad
    Mohammad Gharahgouzloo & Donna Medeiros
    Margo Donohue
    Dorman Products
    Patricia Doss
    Heather Draper
    Joanna Dresser
    Luciana Duarte
    Dublin Mazda
    Frank Ducker
    Edward Duffy
    Aimee Dumblauskas
    Kathryn Dunn
    Jim Duong
    Minh Kiet Jimmy Duong
    Pashko Dushaj
    Shomir Dutt
    Karen Dyer
    Ebano Inc.
    Ecology Center
    Margalo Eden
    Tawnya Edwards
    Jamilie Elassal
    Elements Massage
    Felecia Ellis
    David Elrod
    Jennifer Eluwa
    Kathryn Emerich
    Marie Claire Emond
    Teri Emond
    Amy Epperson
    Leigh Epperson
    Steve Epstein
    Erik Stark Interiors
    Rick Erman
    Lisa Esneault
    Carlene Esposito
    Marcus Evangelista
    Breanne Evans
    Kimberly Evans
    Zach Evans
    Rachel Evans
    September Evans
    Caitlin Fabrocini
    Diya Fahs
    Fans of Jimmy Century
    Farella Braun + Martel LLP
    Roger Fehrman
    Lulu Fensten
    Lesley Fetting
    Linda Figueroa
    Darlington Finebone
    First Christian Church
    Jane Fischetti
    Blythe Fisher
    Walter Fisher
    Five Parks Cares Coat Drive
    Marie Fleming
    Tracy Fleming
    Tracy & Michael Fleming
    Katelyn Flint
    John Fobert
    Amber Fontana
    Connor Foran
    Kim Ford
    Amy & Shawn Forrest
    Shawn Forrest
    Jennifer Fortier
    Delores Foster
    Michelle Foster
    John Fotheringham
    Serena Fox
    Foxwoods Resort Casino
    Kenneth Frank
    Hillary Frank
    Freddie Mac
    Carol Freeman
    Noel Freidline
    Yvonne French
    Fresno Music Academy & Arts
    Marie Elizabeth Frey
    Lawrence Friss
    Emma Fulchini
    Vincent Fulchini
    Susan Fullerton
    Julie & Cecil Fulton
    Fusion Academy’s Kindness Campaign
    Jeffrey & Deborah Bobinski Gable
    Katrina Gall
    Eddie Galloway
    Ginelle Gancoss
    Tom Gardiner
    David Gardner
    Misty Gardner
    Tonya Garrison
    Stephen Gaskell
    Mehdi Gasmi
    Tommy Gavin
    Kimberly Gayfield
    Angela Gayles
    T & C Geldert
    Sandy Gelinas
    Hafize Gemesi
    Mark Gennaro
    Michael Gerard
    Lawrence Gerber
    Mike Ghani
    Dana Gharda
    Mahboubeh Maxine Ghavi
    Alleen Ghazaryans
    Ellen Gibbson
    Elizabeth Gibson
    John Giglotti
    Brian Gillespie
    Girl Scout Troop 70342
    Grace Giuffre
    Herbert Gleason
    Jeff Glover
    Reginald Glover
    Sandra Gold
    Golden Fleece Foundation
    Ira Goldstein
    Denise Gonella
    Vincent Gonguet
    Jennifer Gonzales
    Danny Gonzales
    Lisa Gonzalez-Casesa
    Allyson Goodman
    Srikanth Gopal
    Seth Gordon
    Will Gorham
    Elizabeth Graber
    Granite Solutions Groupe
    John Gray
    Kenneth Greaves
    Julianne Greenberg
    Stan Greenwell
    Hans Gross
    Taylor Grossenkemper
    Paul & Susan Grossfeld
    Matthew Groves
    Przemyslaw J Grzywacz
    Pedro Guevara
    Elaine Gulezian
    Nikhil Reddy Gutha
    Srinath Gutti
    Jocelyn Hahn
    Mark Hall
    Susan Hall
    Nada Hallani
    Nader Hamadeh
    Hamlin Kurihara Fund
    Michael Hamrah
    Marjorie Hand
    Ruth Hanes
    Jordan Hanna
    Jori Hanna
    John Hannes
    Jennifer Hansen
    Susan Hanson
    Joanne Harbor
    Dee Ann Harn*
    Brynn Harrington
    Monetha Harris
    Benjamin Harrison
    Lindsay Harrison
    Linda Hartman
    Debbie Hartzell
    Cynthia Harvey
    Kari Harvey
    Alazar Hashelit
    Tiffany Hasker
    Elisabeth Hassan
    Jay Haverluk
    Stephanie Havranek
    Carolyn Hawk
    Lowell Hawkins
    Beth Hawkinson
    Casey Hebebrand
    Karen Hebebrand
    Steve Heinemann
    Violet Henandez
    Patricia Hendricks
    Cota Henighan
    Nicholas Herbster
    Kathy Herendeen
    Justin Herlick
    Richard & Valerie Herr
    Cathy Herrera
    Mitchell Hershkowitz
    Ashley Hesslein
    Hewlett-Packard Employee Experience Team
    Nicholas Hiatt
    Leila Hicks
    HID Global
    Debbie Hidalgo
    Monica Higman
    Joshua Hill
    Christine Hill-Kayser
    Hillhouse Construction Co Inc.
    David Hilliard
    Hillsboro Coat Drive
    Christine Hiraki
    James Hitaffer
    Hong Hoang
    Christine Hogan
    Korie Holden
    Anna Holland
    Heather Holley
    Annmarie Hollywood
    George Holmes
    Talli Hope
    Jacquelyn Hopps
    Dori Horvath
    Sabrina Hosang
    Art Hotz
    Brian Houston
    Ann Howard
    Pavita Howe
    Jana Howell
    Beau Howell
    HSJK Learning Centers LLC
    Kathleen Huang
    Erin Hubbard
    James Humphrey
    Hannah Huneidi
    Jeremy Hunt
    Rhonda Huprich
    Blaze Huston
    Sukhjinder Hyare
    Stephen Hyman
    Marylou Iacovo
    Ganna Iegorova
    Angelica Igliozzi
    Kais Ilari
    Kati Iljushkin-Numa
    Immersion Learning Centers, LLC
    Indigo Massage & Wellness
    Inner Balance Medicine
    Insperity Services
    Monica Iskra
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    Terry Alexander Janco Industries, Inc
    Jane & Robert Ettinger Foundation
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    Pradeep Kadaba S Guptha
    Hassan Kadouh
    Kaiser Fremont Service Committee
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    Krishna Kalpathy
    Christie Kao
    Janet Kaplan
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    Zach Kramer
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    Emily Marxer
    Maslon LLP
    Maria Mathieu
    Nipun mathur
    Bardia Matinpour
    Lorna Matos
    Rose Marie Mattis
    Pauly May
    Shawn Mayer
    Stephen Mayhugh
    Robert Mayo
    Elizabeth McAfee
    John & Preston McAfee
    Helene McBride
    Megan McBride
    Linda McCall
    Heather McCarty
    Patricia McClure
    Terri McCormack
    Berlin McCoy, Girl Scout Troop #3195
    Karen McDaniel
    Keith McElwain
    Jessie McEvoy
    Aime McGeehan
    Caitlin McGinty
    Karen McGowan
    Laura McGowan
    Pamela McIntosh
    Gina McKenna
    Gina McKenna
    Daniel McKinnon
    Ammon McKnight
    Twila McLean
    Joanna McLellan
    Diana McManus
    Esther McNulty
    Jacob McPherson
    Loree McQueen
    Bob McTague
    Megan Meccariello
    David Meck
    Diana Medal
    Benjamin Medellin II
    Leslie Medford
    Bonnie Stewart & Megan Colwell
    Ryan Mehm
    Nalin Mehta
    Claudia Mejia
    Chris Mejia
    Stephanie Melendez
    Nancy Melucci*
    Wojciu Menciu
    Merck Foundation
    Jacqueline Mercorelli
    Lauren Merendino
    Cindy Merida
    Ann Mersman
    Joanne Opgenorth & Michael McCarthy
    Lisa Mifflin
    Mill Creek Do Good Club
    G.P. Miller
    John & Elizabeth Miller
    Nathan Miller
    Aleya Miller
    Judy Miller Hartzell
    Paula Mindyas
    Melanie Minnetonka
    Nilesh Mistry
    Erin Mollner
    Ruth Molokwu
    Annette Monteiro-Parker
    Montessori School of Skokie
    Thomas J. Mora
    John Moran
    Michael Moran
    Elise Morgan
    Mike Morgan
    Bobbie Moritz
    Andre Morris
    Ruth Morrison
    Anne Morse
    John Moscol
    James Moses
    Jim Mossburg
    David Motl
    Ron Mottola
    Carolina Moyer
    Natthasuang Mulkarat
    Ramesh Munaga
    John Munnerlyn
    Jessica Murabito
    Gary Murdock
    Sarah Murphy
    Megan Murphy
    Derek Murray
    Hanumesh Muthuswamy
    Elissa Myers
    Stephen Nagrabski
    Colleen Nall
    Sheila Nalley
    Anant Narayanan
    Srinivas Narayanan
    Deepika Naredla
    Ieva Narkeviciute
    Jennifer Nathanson
    Natysin Family Foundation
    NBD HVAC & Refrigeration
    Allison Neal
    Laura Necowitz
    Grace Neigel
    Tamara Neiman
    Rhonda Nelson
    Felicia Nelson-Davis*
    Kimberly Nemitz
    Brooke Nevin
    Tuyet T. Nguyen & Ngan Le
    Karen Nickel
    Heather Nickell
    Megan Nicole
    Nintendo of America
    Matthew Niskanen
    Kathryn Noone
    Cathy Novy
    Daphne Noyes
    NYC Delta Gamma Alumnae Chapter
    Dorothy Nyland
    Judith & Bradford O’Brien
    Michael & Mary O’Neil
    Anne O’Brien
    Jacqueline Ocasio
    Lina Ochoa
    Samson Ogori
    Chris Oh
    Olinger Hampden Mortuary and Cemetery
    Cassi Olson
    Bailey Omalia
    Liz Orkwiszewski
    Christopher Ornelas
    Eric Orozco
    Juan Ortega
    Jennifer Ortuno
    Leslie Osinoff
    Mckenzie Otteson
    Theresa Ottina
    Allen Otto
    Our Lady of Perpetual Help School
    Victor Ovalle
    Meghan Overheim
    Leslie Owen
    Tyler Oxley
    Fabiola Pachas
    Valerie Packard
    Benjamin & Roxane Pada
    Donna Page
    Anthony Palmiotto
    John Panighetti
    Allison Parillo
    Jamie Parker
    Karlene & Richard Parker
    Susan Parker
    Natascha Parks
    Dora Pascali
    Matt Pasquini
    Akash Patel
    Jay Patel
    Vickie Patterson
    Ashley Patton
    Christie Paul
    Joy Paul
    Debra Pavao
    Divya Pavuluri
    Peachtree Planning
    Malgorzata Peacock
    Pearls for Girls
    Jessica Pecoraro
    Karen Peda
    Steve Pellegrom
    Christel Penn
    Dez Perone
    Charlene Perry
    Susan Peterson
    Buford G Peterson
    Tony Petreski
    Michael Petrocelli
    Nick Petrocelli
    Ray Petrocelli
    Philipp Blume
    Bryan M Phillips
    Dawn Phillips
    Helen Phillips-Neilson
    Gregory Piccininno
    Bradford Pierrepoint
    Wendy Pike
    Sanjoy Pinto
    Erik Pinuelas
    Raymond Pittman
    Benjamin Pitts
    Plumbers Local 5
    Charlene Pogue
    Lucille Poirier
    Stephanie Polencheck Hughes
    Lamar Polk
    Robert Pollock
    Stephanie Polvere
    Kelli Ponce
    Kimberly Pool
    Adam Porcelli
    Joyce Porter
    Taryn Porter
    Lori Posey
    Paul Pospisil
    Travis Powell
    Jon Powers
    Ritesh Dhandha Prashant Dubal
    Tyler Price
    Prime Urban Properties
    Selena Prince
    Elizabeth Procino
    Prospect High School
    Suzanne Prouty
    Manoj Pujara
    Sarika Pundit
    QTC Central Donations
    Jacqueline Quarles
    Jill Quilici
    Joaquin Quiñonero Candela
    Daniel Quintiliano
    Binh Ngo & Quoc B. Doan
    Courtney Raffael
    Dinesh Rajani
    Tina Ramirez
    Niraj Rana
    Jeff Rangel
    Arthur Ransier
    Karen Rao
    Cheeyl Ratigan
    Todd Raycraft
    Raymour & Flanigan
    Warrene Reed
    Linda Rees
    Rachel Reeves
    Antonio Regis
    Joanne Reilly
    Shane Reilly
    Lindsay Reinbold
    David Reiss
    Jennifer Reiter
    Katarzyna Rekowska
    Piotr Rekowski
    Anna Remus
    Irwin H Renneisen
    Evelyn Reposa
    Republic Indemnity
    Titiana Reyes
    James Ricci
    Nick Richee
    Peter Richter
    Andrea Ridulfo Cicero
    Linda Rieche
    Radley Rigonan
    Marcea & Alan Rismiller
    Patricia Rivas
    River Ridge Lady Hawks
    Ammar Rizvi
    Alysia Roach
    Kimberly Robbie
    Amy Roberts
    Brandee Roberts
    Vincent Roberts
    Daniele Roberts
    Lisa Robinson
    Pamela Rock
    Nollie & DeLisa Rodney
    Lulu Rodriguez-Gonzalez
    Sarah Rodriquez
    Amanda Rogers
    Gary Rogers
    Michael Rohlinger
    Marisol Roman
    Kamin Rondeau
    Wendy Rosa
    Allan & Bonnie Ross
    Elijah Roszel
    Carrie Roux
    Theresa Rowe
    Leslie Brandt & Roxanne Kellam
    Amy Rozman
    Margaret Rublee
    LaReeca Rucker
    Jerrilyn Ruest
    Arturo Ruiz
    Jacqueline Ruma
    Mark Ryan
    Cassandra Ryan
    Deborah Ryan
    Penny Ryan
    Steve Ryherd
    Sabine Pass LNG
    Sahaira Oasis & Shari Fritz
    Saint Clement Catholic School
    Sameera Salari
    Lisa Salecker-Lisiecki
    San Gabriel Valley EAC
    Jose Carlos Sandoval
    Raymond Sandoval
    Neil Sandrone
    Mitchell Sanford
    Manoj Sankaran
    Camellia Santos
    Chan Saphiphack
    Saul Team
    Cynthia Saunders
    Erin Savage
    Betsy Schafer
    Sarah Schaffer
    Taylor & Brittany Schaltenbrand
    Todd Schechter
    Amy Schireson
    Robert Schmehl
    Jeffrey Schmidt
    Stacey Scholl
    Ryan Schreiner
    Matthew Schroeder
    Alicia Schultz*
    Camille Schulz
    Yvonne Schwab
    Tina Sciolla
    Morris Scott
    Dale & April Scott
    Shirley Scott DeWolf
    Anthony Scumaci
    Ashley Sears
    Donata Secondo
    Clair Segui
    Charles Semrau
    Pat Senne
    Maria Sepulveda
    Nova Sevenmi
    Laurel Sferrazza
    Brenda Shaffer
    Prashant Shah
    Priya Shah
    Cale Shelton
    Denise Shelton
    Denise Geolot Sherer
    Bethany Sherwood
    David Shiben
    Anne Shick
    Conor Shields
    Walter Shields
    Walter & Sharon Shields
    Bette Shields
    Leila Shirazi
    Richard Shorin
    Cynthia shrauner
    Steve Siciliani
    Silicon Valley Community Foundation
    Zachary Silverberg
    Hubbard Simon
    Bridgette Simplicio
    Nicole Simpson
    Dana Sittler
    Jessica Skimel
    Michael Skopinski
    Donald & Diane Skrivseth
    Justyna Sliwinski
    Smart Water Solutions LLC
    Kathleen Burgi & Hayden Smith
    Kim Smith
    Robert Smith
    Rachelle Smith
    Neal Smith
    Carleen Smith
    Chris Smith
    Patrizia Smith
    Vaughan Smith
    Nicole Snow
    Snyder Family Donor Advised Fund
    Michael Soccio
    Tim Soman
    Yuichi Somemori
    S & J Sosna
    South Orange Dental Center
    Gina Spada
    Spanish American Committee Cleveland OH
    John Spano
    Adevia SpaSalon
    Valerie Spears
    Patricia Becker Spellman
    Vincent Spitalieri
    Mark Springer
    Sprinklr Inc
    Nikila Srinivasan
    Niki Stacks
    Alexander Staiger
    Michelle Stanton
    Starbucks Coffee Company
    Jason Stead
    Louisa Stephens
    Joe & Rachel Stern
    Kate Stevens Tourville
    Todd Still*
    Karin Stimpert
    Jennifer Stockard
    Holly Stong
    Jarin Straatsma
    Good Street
    Lorna Strey
    Subbu Subramanian
    Keiko Sugisaka
    Craig Suko
    Patrick Sullivan
    John Sullivan
    Rachael Sullivan
    Robert Sumner*
    Sun Communities
    Super Farm
    Ateeq Suria
    Allen Sussman
    Edith Svezia
    Ryan Swan
    Stephanie & Timothy Swart
    Alicia Switzer
    Haj Sy Berry
    Tammy Sylvester
    Brett Symons
    Jared Takeshita
    Sherry Talbot
    George Doan & Tammy Richey-Doan
    Irmak Tanali
    Farzad Tari
    Jeanne Tari
    Gail Tate
    Allison Taylor
    Elisa Taylor
    Patricia Taylor
    Paul Tefft-Meeker
    Telesystem Employees
    Temple Beth Ahm of Aberdeen
    The Bull Foundation
    The Clorox Company
    The Knee Joint Inc
    The Spitalieri Family
    The UPS Store #6355
    The UPS Store #6742
    Adrienne Thiry
    Chantelle Thomas
    Michael Thomas
    Thomas Lavelle Pod & Edward Lavelle
    Thomas McAfee Funeral Home
    Thomas R. Selden & Nancy Murdock
    Robin Thompson
    Brett Thompson
    Stephanie Thompson
    Shira Thornton
    Donlon Thornwell
    Desiree Throckmorton
    Marilyn Thurman
    Myisha Tibbs
    Daniel Tidwell
    Raven Tiem
    Chris Tina
    Tipton Dairy Queen
    Tissandier Corp
    City of Paradise Tolentino
    Cristopher Tomassi
    Natalia Tomczak
    Joseph Tompkins
    Megan Tompkins
    Ayla Torres
    Andi Torres
    Jon Torres
    Toshiba America Energy Systems
    Kimbery Tran
    Thanh-Tam Tran*
    Jamie Travassos
    Holly Trice
    Gautam S. Tripathi
    Kimberlee Truesdale
    Selene Truong
    Douglas Turnbull
    Dawna Twyman
    Lawrence & Kathy Uebele
    Thomas Rousch & Ugo Okafor
    Ulster Social Club
    Amanda Underwood
    Ilanit Unruh
    Mary Unseth
    Vijay Upadhyaya
    Victoria Valamides
    Jennifer Valentino
    Joseph Valero III
    Scott Van Cleef
    Carol Van Pelt
    James Vanhofwegen
    Francisco Varela
    Sabrina Vargas
    Boris Vassilev
    Sarah Vellner
    Anthony Woods & Victor Terrazas-Sanchez
    Malavika Vidyarthi
    Viet Dreams Team
    Villano Student Congress
    Jaime Villanueva
    Virginia Essex Bank branches
    Joelle Viscardo
    Dave Vogt
    Jessica Voigt
    Joe Wackerman
    Polly and Curt Wade
    Jeffrey Wadlow
    Mokhles Wael
    Megan Wagner
    Tracey Wagner
    Marisa Walicky
    Leontine Walker
    Dee Wallace
    Richard Walt
    John Walters
    Guy Walton
    George & Judith Ward
    Maureen Engelstad & Ward Monroe
    Stefan Warnke
    Jill Waskow
    Juli Watt
    Suzanne Watters
    Kellie Webb
    Weber State University
    James Weilert
    Allan and Cathy Weiss
    Alexandria Weissbach
    Robert Weller
    Wellmed in Sebastian Florida
    WellMed Medical Management
    Kayla Wells
    Wįll Wëlls
    Mark Werner
    Deborah Whitaker
    Memorie White
    Todd White
    Ashley Whiteman
    Whitestar Professional Corp
    Liz Whittier Fusaro
    Catherine Wiggins
    Brian Willhide
    Eileen Williams
    Jennifer Williams
    Anna Williams
    Eilidh Williamson
    Jeff Willis
    Wendy Wilson
    David Winkenwerder
    Lacey Winner
    Kathi Winograd*
    Winter Giving
    Bruce Wirt
    David Wirths
    Eleanor Wistrom
    Deanna Witzel
    Aleiah Wood
    Joan Woodhead
    Woodland Hills Woman’s Club
    Kristin Woodman
    Sherri Lewis Wood
    Hobie Woods
    Albert Woodward
    Joni Woolridge
    Pearl Woon-Tai
    Jim Worman
    Steve & Cindy Worthy
    Alex Wu
    Gina Wu
    Richard Wulf
    Andrea Wund
    Jessica Wunder
    Teresa Wysoglad
    Jeffrey Xie
    Lucy Xu
    Jing-Zhi Xu
    Ina Yam
    Lin Yan
    Chris Yasgar
    Sema Yessaian
    Marcus Yono
    Ashur Yoseph
    Sean Young
    Young American’s for Freedom
    Amanda Youngblood
    Alex Yu
    Sarah Zabrenski
    Ahmer Zakir
    Jairo Zapata
    Patricia Zappa
    Dave Zarek
    Trey Zartman
    Michael Zeidman
    Ultimate Fitness Zeidman
    Whitney Zeller
    Guilherme Zils
    Myron Zolkewsky
    Jeff Zon
    Daniel Zwilling

    One Warm Coat Ambassadors are awesome! One Warm Coat is immensely grateful to each Ambassador for their incredible efforts to spread warmth to their neighbors in need.

    Years of involvement were self-identified during the registration process. If your listing is incorrect or you would like to be removed, please contact us at 877-663-9276 x2 or email

    10+ Years
    Abio Properties
    Agape Minstries, Inc.
    Alameda Rotary Club
    Alpine Shop
    Art In Motion Academy Of Dance
    Boston Private Bank
    C&S Wholesale Grocers – Brattleboro
    C&S Wholesale Grocers-Bethlehem
    C&S Wholesale Grocers-Dubois
    C&S Wholesale Grocers-Edison
    C&S Wholesale Grocers-Greenville
    C&S Wholesale Grocers-Hatfield
    C&S Wholesale Grocers-Keene
    C&S Wholesale Grocers-Newburgh
    C&S Wholesale Grocers -Robesonia
    C&S Wholesale Grocers -Suffield
    C&S Wholesale Grocers-Westfield
    C&S Wholesale Grocers-Windsor Locks
    California Multicultural Media Consortium
    Cargo – Delta Air Lines
    Central Monitoring Services, Inc.
    Cinnaminson Middle School
    Coldwell Banker
    Crosscountry Consulting Warm Coat Drive
    Daisy Troop 02415
    Delta Air Lines
    Delta Air Lines ATG
    Delta Air Lines ATL
    Delta Air Lines BOCC
    Delta Air Lines CAE
    Delta Air Lines COS
    Delta Air Lines DCA
    Delta Air Lines DCA
    Delta Air Lines DEN
    Delta Air Lines IND
    Delta Air Lines LEX
    Delta Air Lines LGA
    Delta Air Lines RIC
    Delta Air Lines SAV
    Delta Air Lines SEA
    Delta Air Lines Ticket Counter
    Delta Air Lines TYS
    Delta Air Lines YWG
    Delta Airlines GRR
    Delta Airlines LAX
    Delta Airlines OAK
    East Bay Regional Park District
    Emmanuel Baptist Church Coat And Soup Giveaway
    Expressions Dance Team
    Farella Braun + Martel LLP
    Ford Credit – Globe
    Girl Scout Troop 11276
    Girl Scout Troop 31811
    Girl Scouts Of Northern California
    Girl Scouts Of Northern California – Chico
    Girl Scouts Of Northern California – Eureka
    Girl Scouts Of Northern California – Redding
    Girl Scouts Of Northern California – Santa Rosa
    Girl Scouts Of Northern California Chico Office & Retail Shop
    Girl Scouts Of Northern California- San Jose
    Globe – Alice Lundberg, Patrick Young & Chris Craft
    Globe – Holly Lashbrook
    Globe – John Carter
    Globe – Lisa Thierbach
    Globe – Mark Osborne
    Globe – Matthew Gray
    Globe – Trevis Moore
    Globe – Wh
    Grand Lake Montessori
    Hilton San Francisco Union Square
    Indian Valley 4-H Club
    Lakeview Preschool
    LMMS Student Council
    Loudoun County Fire And Rescue
    Matcor, Inc
    Miller Creek Middle School
    ML Office San Carlos
    Nicasio School
    Omicron Delta Kappa – Golden Crest Circle
    One Martial Arts MB
    One Martial Arts SF
    Paramount Group, Inc.
    Peak Physical Therapy
    Pruneyard Villas Hoa
    Rising Star Montessori School
    Roseann Affinito
    Roughing It Day Camp
    Samsung Semiconductor
    Sandia National Laboratories
    SFS Architecture
    Sisters Of Mercy
    Smith Student Senate
    Spire Group
    St. Catherine
    St. Philip Lutheran School
    The Clorox Company
    The Mission Anglican Church
    Total Health Chiropractic
    9 Years
    5 Billings Jaycees
    Delta Air Lines MEM
    Delta Air Lines SLC FIT
    Denny Menholt Rapid Chevrolet Cadillac
    Indian Valley 4H Club
    Intero Real Estate
    Northern Neck Chevy
    St. Aloysius Academy
    The Santa Clarita Swap Meet
    W. L. French Excavating Corporation
    8 Years
    Adobe Cafe South Philly – In Memory Of Amy
    Berwyn United Methodist Church “In Memory Of Amy”
    Cardea Center For Women
    Cifelli Wealth Management
    Cooperative Center Fcu
    Delta Air Lines DAY
    Delta Air Lines MSN
    Delta Air Lines ONT
    Delta Air Lines SIN ACS
    Dudum Real Estate Group
    Dudum Real Estate Group – Lamorinda
    Fred Poehner Automotive – In Memory Of Amy
    Giant Food Store #6505- In Memory Of Amy
    Giant Food Store #6545 – In Memory Of Amy
    Girl Scout SU 356
    In Memory Of Amy
    In Memory Of Amy – Monsignor Bonner & Archbishop Prendergast High School
    In Memory Of Amy – Notre Dame De Lourdes Church
    In Memory Of Amy – Our Lady Of Peace
    In Memory Of Amy, Human Services, Inc.
    In Memory Of Amy, Sunrise Assisted Living Of Westtown
    Jessica Reiswig
    June Welch
    Kiddie Academy Of Roseville
    Long & Foster Realtors
    Mackenzie’S Ventura Park Coat Drive
    Riverside/Coloma UMC
    Smith Family
    Starbuck’S Glen Mills – In Memory Of Amy
    Starbucks Thornbury
    Troop 41577
    True Passion Los Angeles
    Waldorf Realty
    7 Years
    Adams Helping Hands
    ASC Fitness Center
    BT Americas
    Cadette Troop 10366
    Chef Wade’s Warmth
    Church Of The Chimes – Edge
    Delta Air Lines
    Delta Air Lines HSV
    Delta LGA Fit Team
    Divine Smiles Dentistry LLC
    Engels And Volkers Intown Atlanta
    Heart Of The Bay Christian Center
    ISM Arizona
    John Muir Health Lift Team
    Kappa Alpha Psi/Cal Athletics
    Kenneth Harding Jr Foundation
    Mattapoisett Laundromat
    Menlo Park Police Explorers
    Saul Team
    Sycamore Valley Elementary
    UC Berkeley Athletics
    Vigil Family Coat Drive
    Xavier Bost & Xtreme Praise Media
    6 Years
    Adams Helping Hands
    BHHS Franciscan Properties
    Blossom Hill School
    Delta Air Lines
    Delta Air Lines – Terminal A
    Delta Air Lines RDU
    Delta Air Lines San
    Delta Air Lines SDF Coat Drive
    Destination Wealth Management
    Flips R 4 Kids Gymnastics
    Girl Scout Troop #62422
    Girl Scouts Of Lindsay Street Baptist Church
    John H. Walker Middle School
    Knights Of Columbus
    Lakeville Senior Center
    Lyle S. Briggs Fundamental
    Millikan Middle School Ptsa And Leadership Class
    New Trier Hockey Club
    Parent Infant Center
    Parkton Community Church
    Prosperity Finaincal Group, Inc.
    Riverside/Coloma Umc
    Rose Paving Llc
    Sophia’s Project
    St. Finn Barr Catholic School
    Tennessee State Univ, College Of Engr, Ait Dept, Aerho Co-Ed Fraternity
    The Agency
    The Francisco’s
    Turning Points
    Villa Academy Girl Scouts
    World Conquerors Church
    YMCA Of Rome And Floyd County
    5 Years
    60 Parrott Drive
    8Z Real Estate – Louisville
    8Z Real Estate Arvada
    Adevia Spasalon
    Alain Pinel Realtors
    Alcatraz Cruises
    Bax Development Group
    Beebe Chiropractic And Wellness Center
    California Water Service
    Camp Gladiator – Mansfield
    Cigna Coat Drive
    City Of Daly City
    Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage-Folsom
    Country Classics
    Delta Air Lines
    Delta Air Lines BOS
    Delta Air Lines IND
    Delta Air Lines JFK
    Delta Air Lines PVD
    Delta Air Lines YVR
    Delta Cargo Crusaders
    Delta F.I.T. Orlando
    Delta Fit/Frontline Involvement Team KY
    Ecology Center
    Ford Motor Credit Company
    Girl Scout Troop #32242
    Girl Scout Troop 61158
    Girl Scouts Of Northern California
    Hatch44 Cafe
    Hidden Valley Girl Scouts
    Holy Family School
    Home Warranty Of America
    JCC Preschool Pa
    K2 Academy & K2 Campus
    Kaydan Wealth Management
    Kaydan Wealth Management, Inc.
    Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton Llp
    Laurel Elementary School
    Layton Construction Company
    MetLife Auto And Home
    Mirabella And Laith Glapion
    Modern Classics Auto Service
    Morgan Stanley Northern Virginia Complex
    Nixon Peabody Llp
    Oakland Greyhound
    One Warm Coat
    Osher Marin Jewish Community Center
    Palo Alto Networks
    Pensacola Delta
    Professional Property Management
    Raymond James
    Rockledge Elementary School G.O.L.D. Committee
    Santa Clara Valley Water District / 2018 Erg One Warm Coat Drive
    Share Your Warmth
    Skokie Montessori School
    South Riding Montessori Center
    Sri International
    St Charles School And Parish
    St Jane Hotel Human Resources
    St. John’S Lutheran School
    Starr Elementary School
    Stocklmeir CDC
    TDA Investment Group
    Temple Beth Ahm Of Aberdeen
    The Malvern School Of Collegeville
    The Rodan Foundation
    Transfiguration Catholic School
    Veris Consulting
    Walter Reed Kindness Club
    West Valley Staffing Group
    Yoga Works Pasadena
    4 Years
    175 W. Jackson
    8Z Real Estate
    All About Kids
    All Guard Alarm Systems
    Artistic Academy
    Asha Community Outreach Team
    Baby It’S Cold Outside
    Bank of America
    Cadillac of Norwood
    Carhartt – Bennett Block
    Carhartt – Cascade Station
    Carhartt – Cherry Hill
    Carhartt – Crocker Park
    Carhartt – Crossgates
    Carhartt – Destiny
    Carhartt – Detroit
    Carhartt – Evergreen
    Carhartt – Greenwood Park
    Carhartt – Gurnee
    Carhartt – Independence Center
    Carhartt – Keizer Station
    Carhartt – Legacy Place
    Carhartt – Maine Mall
    Carhartt – Mall Of America
    Carhartt – Marketstreet
    Carhartt – Mayfair Collection
    Carhartt – Murray
    Carhartt – National Harbor
    Carhartt – Pike Street
    Carhartt – Potomac Town Place
    Carhartt – Riverdale Village
    Carhartt – Rookwood
    Carhartt – Shadow Lake Towne Center
    Carhartt – Station Park
    Carhartt – Sullivan Center
    Carhartt – The Boulevard
    Carhartt – The Village At Meridian
    Carhartt – Walt Whitman
    Carhartt – Waterfront
    Carhartt – Wicker Park
    Christ The King Lutheran Church
    Courtyard Pleasant Hill-
    Crossfit Proven
    Cultivating Change
    Da Island Way
    David Weekley Homes
    Delta Air Lines
    Delta Air Lines CMH
    Delta Airlines
    Delta Airlines Cargo
    Denice Simpson Braga
    Denise B. Carberry
    DJJ/13Th Csu
    Dominion Valley Owners Association
    Elements Massage Medford
    First Databank
    Freshstart Inc.
    Geek Plus
    Girl Scout Troop 33536
    Girl Scout Troops 10943 & 10927
    Glenview Elementary School At Santa Fe
    Hampton Inn
    Happy Valley School Kindergarten
    Harris Heroes – Guaranteed Rate
    Healthy Life Chiropractic
    Hid Global
    J. Lewis Jewelry & Appraisals
    Jan Baldinger
    Jobs For Montana Graduates – Helena High School
    Jr. Daughters Of St. Peter Claver Court 220
    Keller Williams Realty
    Kirsten Kleser
    Lady Patriots Ice Hockey
    Lake Prairie Federation
    Landvest, Inc.
    Lang Builders, Inc.
    Linda Hartman
    Lisa’S Coat Drive
    Live Oak Junior Girl Scouts
    London Marie Coffee
    Margaret Keagle
    Marrick Medical Finance, Llc
    Match Maker Home Consultants
    McGuire Real Estate
    Mill Valley Chamber
    Moore Family
    Mt. Airy Baptist Church – Student Ministry
    Mv Chamber
    National Honor Society
    NRG Zone Fitness
    Omni Los Angeles
    Opus Arcade
    Outpatient Imaging Affiliates
    P & A Warming Hearts
    Parc 55 Hilton
    Pathfinder Church
    Piedmont Hoa
    Pita Pit
    Raymour & Flanigan
    Red Tree Real Estate
    Reed Elementary School PTA
    ReMax Advantage Realty
    Revelation Christian Fellowship
    Rosa Parks Teachers And Families
    San Mateo Athletic Club
    Sharp Rees-Stealy Copley Crew
    Silicon Valley Mechanical, Inc
    Splash Swim School
    St. Francis Episcopal Church
    Steohen’s Coat Drive
    Talent Group, Inc.
    The Ecole
    The Good Shepherd School
    The William And Flora Hewlett Foundation
    Thrifting Diaries
    Trail Creek Outfitters
    Troop 33483
    Upper Valley Haven
    Waterview Learning Academy
    We Celebrate Coats
    Willis Management Group, Inc.
    3 Years
    Applewood Heights Green Team
    Arvada 8Z Real Estate
    Ashland Dental & Wellness Center
    Associated Int Med / Stanford
    Because We Care
    Bellerose Elementary School
    Bellevue Coat Drive
    Benway Johnston Insurance Agency
    Besthq, An Oregon Benefit Comp
    Bettie Mackey Memorial Coat Drive
    Bgr St. Louis
    Big Canoe Poa
    Blue Buddha Healing Arts
    Brady and Ava’s 2018 Warm Coats For The Winter Coat Drive
    Brickman Management
    Brownie Troop 2126
    BT Americas
    Cab Calloway School Of The Arts National Honor Society
    California Academy Of Sciences
    Canadian General Tower
    Canyon Middle School PTA Volunteer
    Center For Computing Sciences
    Chatham Middle School
    Chester Career College
    CHS Deca
    City Of College Park Youth And Family Services
    City Of College Park Youth, Family And Senior Services
    Coats Of Hope
    Copa Of Stratford San Jose
    D Waters And Associates Llc
    Dance Academy USA LLC
    Deborah Towler
    Delta Air Lines
    Delta Air Lines ABQ
    Delta Air Lines Denver
    Delta Air Lines MDW
    Delta Air Lines OKC
    Delta Cargo Team LA
    Delta EWR FIT
    Delta FIT Team MI
    Delta GSE Atlanta
    Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Contra Costa Alumnae Chapter
    Demeyer-Tan Coat Drive
    Department Of Juvenile Justice
    DHL Express
    Diggers Diner
    Dr. Bradburn
    Dr. Wong
    Dreyfuss Management
    Dudum Real Estate Group
    East Valley Pentecostal Church
    Essex Bank
    Events & Recognition Committee
    Foundation House Of Northgate
    Fox Valley Technical College NKBA Student Chapter
    Girl Scout Troop 12484
    Girl Scout Troop 4254
    Go Green Team At Booksin E.S.
    Gold Soul Foundation
    Greek Orthodox Church Of The Assumption
    Greek Orthodox Ladies Philoptochos Society
    Gs Troop 1118
    Guardian Operations
    Hamilton Mill Hoa
    Heavenly Helpers
    Helping Hands Coat Drive
    Hesed House
    Highlands Elementary School
    Human Resources
    Inner Balance Medicine
    Jackson Trail Christian School
    JBC Growth Ministry
    Jumpstart Auto Media
    Justice Resource Institute JRI
    Kaiser Permanente – NCO
    Keller Williams Falls Church
    Kelly Ray
    Key Financial Group
    Kids Of The Kingdom Preschool
    Kindercare Education
    Knowbly Learning Systems, Inc.
    LACS Ambassadors
    Ladies Philoptochos Society
    Learning Without The Limits
    Lex Smith
    Lincroft Village Jewelers
    Linda Brenner / Star Systems
    London Marie Coffee
    Map Anything
    Marine Academy Of Technology And Environmental Science
    Mill Creek Do Good Club
    Mindful Movements
    Monmouth MCO
    Mosca Chiropractic Healing Center
    MVP Smiles
    New England Homes For The Deaf
    North Custer Kindercare
    Novato High School
    Olathe Community Center Coat Drive
    Omni San Francisco Hotel
    Opentext – Alpharetta
    Outta Space Records
    Page One Of Page County
    Parker’s 3rd Birthday
    Parkway Auto Body
    Patterson’s One Warm Coat Drive
    Philoptochos Society Assumption
    Play And Learn School
    Precision Enterprises Inc.
    Prime Urban Properties
    PrimeLending # 2059
    PS 306Q New York City Academy For Discovery
    Rajni Goswami
    Rivermark Girl Scouts
    Royal Docks Brewing Co.
    Sa Fun Club
    Sara Hamm, Realtor
    SGMPAZ – Society Of Government Meeting Professionals Arizona
    Shay Coats
    Shrenik Parekh, CA Realtor
    Starbucks Coffee
    Stone Bank School Student Council
    Street Envy
    Symphony Communication Services
    Tamara Jones And Friends Coat Drive
    Taylor Memorial United Methodist Church
    Team Life Changers
    The Elms At Oakton
    The Goddard School
    The Holway Child Study Center-The Barn
    The Little Gym
    The Millar Law Firm
    The Orinda Association
    TJM Brokerage
    TMNA Services
    Tom O’Neill And Lynn Hinckley Re/Max Town & Country
    Trinity Presbyterian Church
    Troop 62020
    Troop 734
    University Of The Pacific
    Veritiv Canada Inc.
    Vista Staffing Solutions
    Warm Bodies, Warm Hearts
    Warm Coat, Warm Heart
    Warmth Of Hospitality
    West Orange Board Of Education
    Western Sierra Collegiate Academy
    Winston & Strawn LLP
    Woodstock Lions Club
    Workday Employee Belonging Council (Ebc), Kampi
    Zator Law
    2 Years
    101 Ellwood
    12Volt Daves Audio
    241 South Arlington Ave
    452 Aerial Port Support Flight
    4B Coat Drive
    4Th Grade Gotta Giv
    50 Strong Mentoring Program
    606 Brokers
    8Th Grade Class Officers
    Aaa – Los Gatos Superstars
    ABB Robotics
    Adobe Action Team
    Adverum Biotechnologies
    Aem Corporation
    Ai Vinyl Graphics & Mobile Electronics Inc.
    Alain Pinel Realtors
    Alan Fong
    Alexander Exhibit Llc
    Alonso’S Helping Hands
    Ameripride Fresno
    Ameripride Merced
    Ameripride Paso Robles
    Ameripride Salinas
    Ameripride Stockton
    Ameripride Tulare
    Andujo Kids (A-Team) And Grandparents Jesse & Michelle
    Angelica Rohner Pediatric Dentistry
    Arbor Bay School
    Artistic Dental
    Ashley Elementary
    Aspire-Tn, Mckesson
    Auto Audio & Accessories
    Auto Trim Design
    AVMS – Pleasanton
    B’S Car Stereo Inc
    Bass Network
    Bassnectar Ambassadors
    Bay Equity
    Bayview Asset Management
    Beach Serves
    Bella Ballet
    Belmont Village San Jose
    Berewick Hoa
    Bertschi School
    BHS Key Club
    Billing Administration Dept.
    Blackbelt And Evb One Warm Coat
    Boots Retail Usa
    Brew City Marketing
    Brill A CSM Company
    Bristow Montessori School
    Brownie Troop 31320
    Brownie Troop 62833
    Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner
    Car-Tunes, Inc.
    Carolina Ophthalmology
    Cary Drive Coat Drive
    Charina Cabanayan
    Chesapeake Workers’ Insurance – It Division
    Cheyenne Fall Fest
    Christian Life Committee
    Christina Guzman
    Christina Harris Troop 418
    Church Of The Advent
    Cisco NCSO
    Cisco Pleasanton NCSO
    Cisco Systems
    Cleveland Metro Ski Council
    Club P.O.W.E.R.
    Coats For Homeless
    College Park
    Columbus Car Audio & Accessories
    Columbus Circle Investors
    Comcast Spotlight
    Comcast Spotlight – Rockville
    Comprehensive Care Of Chattanooga
    Concordant Transportation
    Congregation Olam Tikvah
    Conklin & Ward Dental Group
    Cranfield Academy
    Cub Scout Pack 286
    Darlene Stinson – Tng Real Estate Consultants
    DCS Corporation – ESOP
    Delta Air Lines
    Delta Air Lines BDA
    Delta Air Lines GAC
    Delta Air Lines YUL
    Delta Cargo Customer Service
    Design Electric Team
    Dickow Coat Drive
    DMA Caring Hearts
    Dreyfuss Management
    Driven Sound & Security Inc.
    Drucker & Scaccetti
    Dutch Girl Cleaners
    Eagle Electronics
    East Avenue Middle School Tri-M Chapter
    East Valley Y
    ECC Pto
    Ej Penn Associates
    Employee Engagement
    Encinal Gsa
    Enya’s 2Nd Annual Fundraiser For One Warm Coat Drive
    Evolve Academy Of Martial Arts
    Exelixis, Inc
    Express Car Detailing
    Extreme Audio
    Extreme Audio, Inc
    Extreme Mobile Sounds
    Ey Hartford
    Fit4Mom CB
    Florida Leisure Pool & Spa, Inc
    Food Services Of America
    Foss Audio & Tint
    Fox Cable Networks
    Fresno Music Academy & Arts
    Friends Of The Needy
    G Townsend C/O Wais Real Estate Group
    Gainesville Pediatric Dentistry
    Gale?S Home
    Gannett – Indianapolis
    Gardening Club
    Girl Scout Brownie Troop 4562
    Girl Scout Troop 30529
    Girl Scout Troop 761
    Girl Scout Troop 10715
    Girl Scout Troop 17045
    Girl Scout Troop 30170
    Girl Scout Troop 30529
    Girl Scout Troop 43210
    Girl Scout Troop 62781
    Girl Scout Troops 60653 & 61673
    Girl Scout, Senior Troop 61303
    GNC Customs
    Goynes Stem Academy Student Council
    Grace Lutheran School San Mateo
    Green Team
    Gs 60133
    GSSNV Troop 337
    Habitat For Humanity In Monmouth County
    Hamptons North Fork Realtors Association
    Helping Hands
    Hercules Capital, Inc.
    High Flying Foods
    Hologic Inc
    Homestead Realty Group
    Honda Of Tenafly
    Imagine Real Estate
    Impact Team At Depew High School
    Impact Tint And Audio
    Indian Creek Condominiums
    Inman Park Apartments
    Investment Company Institute
    It Takes A Village At River City
    Ixl Learning
    Jaydejayden’s 11Th Birthday Drive
    Joseph’S Auto Toy Store
    JPI Companies
    Junior High Student Council
    Just Children Mainline
    Kaiser Er
    Kaiser Fremont Service Committee
    Kaiser Permanente Health Education
    Kaiser Psychiatry Department
    Kehoe Designs
    Kindergarten Team
    King & Spalding SVO
    Krimson Kourts Inc. Philly Alumnae Chapter
    KWTF Community Radio
    Law Office Of Sheena A. Bediako, Llc
    Law Offices Of Buratti, Rothenberg & Burns
    Lisa & Lisa Real Estate Consultants
    Lisamarie Wand/Kevin Anderson
    Lms Sca
    Love Lashed Out Salon
    Lumasense Technologies Inc.
    Maillie LLP
    Mainely Audio Llc
    Mansion Grove
    Mansion Staff- Greenburgh Central School District
    Marin Rod And Gun Club
    Market Usa Fcu
    Masjid Aliman
    Michelle Chicago Real Estate Group / @ Properties
    Mission Of Love Coats For All By Joshua And Alleson
    Missionary Ministry
    Mohammed Imtiaz
    Moms Club Of Glen Rock
    Monta Vista Family Chiropractic
    Montgomery College Cheer
    Morgan Stanley
    Mycentraljersey.Com / Courier News / Home News Tribune
    New Vitality
    Nichiha – Culture Committee
    Night Shift Brewing
    Niguel Hills Middle School
    Ninth Street Internal Medicine Associates
    Noor International Academy Student Council
    North Shore High School Community Service Club
    Ntech Solutions Inc.
    Nu Image Audio
    Ny Vapor Queen
    Olinger Hampden Mortuary And Cemetery
    Omni Los Angeles
    Operation Warm The World
    Optum360 Attention
    Oracle – Pleasanton
    Oracle – Redwood Shores
    Oracle – San Francisco
    Oracle – San Jose
    Oracle – Santa Clara
    Orange Cone Productions
    Outside World Outfitters
    Parkway Sound
    Pearls For Girls
    Perfectionist Auto Sound & Security
    Perspective Real Estate
    Petro Home Services
    Pho Hiep Hoa
    Pinot’S Palette
    Ponder Environmental Services
    Progress Printing Company
    Progress Printing Company Employees
    Rachel Kamrowski
    Randallstown Elementary School
    Raritan Valley School
    Ray Laethem Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Buick GMC
    Real Estate Mack
    Red Development – Village Pointe
    Residence Inn/Courtyard By Marriott Phoenix Downtown
    Riverhead Ciderhouse
    Rosalyn Antonio, Edward Jones
    Rothman Orthopedic Institute
    Roush Family
    RVC Coats
    S & J Automotive
    Safe & Sound, Llc
    Salon Laurie Inc
    Sarah’S Warm Coat Drive
    Sears-First Grade Teacher
    Senior Project
    Shayna Frink
    Simpson Chevrolet Of Garden Grove
    Sleep & TMJ Therapy
    Soundbytes Automotive Electronics, Inc.
    South Orange Dental Center
    Stafford Communications
    Stanford Healthcare
    Stereo West Auto Toys
    Steve’S Security & Stereo
    Stoneridge Creek
    Strides / AWD
    Stryker Orthopedics
    Super Farm
    Sycamore Valley Day School
    Talent Care
    Tammy Lyons
    Tenino Antique Mall
    The Commons At Ballard
    The Culture Committee
    The Forgotten Refuge Llc
    The Front Porch
    The Gersh Agency
    The Installation Station
    The Jason Gorman Real Estate Team
    The League Of Their Own
    The Legion Of Supervillains Cosplay Group
    The Marks Apartments
    The Montessori Institute Of San Diego
    The Nedder Group, Coldwell Banker
    The Orlando Metro-Professional & Alumni Chapter Of The Academia Society, Inc.
    The Rexford/Rose Deveau
    The Security Store Inc.
    The Stereo Shop
    TMX Cares
    Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc.
    Toshiba America Energy Systems Corporation
    Tri Valley Evening Rotary
    Troop 418
    University Of Hartford Newman Club
    Upper School Student Council
    USA Today Network
    Uscis Baltimore
    Veritiv Canada Inc.
    Villagers Theatre
    Warm For The Winter
    Waxing The City
    Westrock Employee Engagement
    1 Years
    1-135Th Family Readiness Groups
    101 North Brewing Company
    111 Harbor Point
    11Th Dental Squadron
    14450 Eagle Run Drive
    1St Franklin Financial
    201 Motoring
    2112 New Hampshire Avenue Apartments
    3221 Connecticut Ave
    324Th Esb, C Co.
    365 Bond St Lifestyle
    5I5J Realty
    777X Employee Engagement Team
    806 Autoworks
    8Z Real Estate
    919 Motoring
    A Better Truck Cap & Accessories
    A Plus Auto Service Inc
    Abbott Molecular
    Able Mind & Body Home Care
    Abramson Center For Jewish Life
    Academy For Learning
    Accella Performance Materials
    Accella Polyurethane Systems
    Accella Spring
    Access Granted Consulting Firm
    Ad Hominem
    ADCOd Electrical Corporation
    ADMO Inc
    Adrienne Fisher & Friends
    Aeysha Corio
    Agents Of Warmth
    Alameda Boys & Girls Club
    Alamo Ace Hardware
    Alchemy Apothecary
    Alexander Gan
    Algonquin Lakes Kids
    Alicia Pucci
    All Inclusive Primary Care
    All Star Driver Education
    Allegiance Insurance Services
    Allegiant Fire
    Allen Chapel AME Church
    Allison’S Birthday Coat Drive
    Alon’s Bakery
    Alpha Epsilon Phi
    Alpha Kappa Omicron
    Alpha Phi Omega
    Alphagraphics Lisle
    Altenergy Inc
    Altenergy Inc Boise
    Altenergy Maryland
    Altenergy Sun Valley
    Alvernia Residents
    Am Retail Group, Inc.
    AMEC Home Loans- The Higgins Group
    American Pharmacists Association-Academy Of Student Pharmacists – Operation Generation Rx
    American Well
    American Well – Seattle
    Amgen’S Triple Crown – INBU NEPH Nashville
    Amped Auto And Audio Accessories
    Angelina Reynolds
    Ann Jenkins
    Anne Hutchinson Student Council
    AOSE Fashion Club
    Apellis Fundation
    Apple CSG
    Apple New Haven
    Apple, Inc.
    Aquasafe Pool Management, Inc.
    Ar2Nk Coat Drive
    Arbitrage Brokers
    Arbor Montessori School
    Argus Lending
    Arnold’S Family Fun Center
    Around Town Media, Llc
    Ascent Academies Of Utah- Lehi Campus
    Ashayla Pollard
    Asher Holmes
    Aslan Castle ELC
    ASPP Coat Drive
    Assisteens Of Capo Valley
    Audio One
    Audio Video Extremes
    Auto Audio & Accessories
    Auto Images And Sounds Llc
    Auto Upgraders
    Automotive Electronics Inc.
    Ava 55 Ninth
    Ava Nob Hill
    Avalon At Cahill Park
    Avalon Berkeley
    Avalon Campbell
    Avalon Dogpatch
    Avalon Dublin Station
    Avalon Fremont
    Avalon Hayes Valley
    Avalon Mission Bay
    Avalon Morrison Park
    Avalon Mountain View
    Avalon Newcastle Commons
    Avalon Ocean Avenue
    Avalon On The Alameda
    Avalon San Bruno
    Avalon Silicon Valley
    Avalon Sunset Towers
    Avalon Towers On The Peninsula
    Avalon Union City
    Avalon Walnut Creek
    Avalon Walnut Ridge
    Avalon Willow Glen
    Avalonbay Communities
    Avalonbay Communities-Alderwood
    Avalonbay Communities-Ballard
    Avalonbay Communities-Bear Creek
    Avalonbay Communities-Bellevue
    Avalonbay Communities-Belltown
    Avalonbay Communities-Capitol Hill
    Avalonbay Communities-Esterra Park
    Avalonbay Communities-Meydenbauer
    Avalonbay Communities-Parcsquare
    Avalonbay Communities-Queen Anne
    Avalonbay Communities-Redmond Campus
    Avalonbay Communities-Redmond Lakeview
    Avalonbay Communities-Redmond Place
    Avalonbay Communities-Rockmeadow
    Avalonbay Communities-Towes Bellevue
    Avalonbay Corp Office
    Avis Budget Group
    Avon Place
    AVT Productions
    Azure Global Ml/Ai Team
    B-Tan Tanning Salon
    B8Ta Chicago
    B8Ta Santa Monica
    Badger Gymnastics
    Bagby Girl Scout Troops
    Bahama Breeze
    Baird & Warner
    Baker Avenue
    Baker Drywall Houston
    Bancroft Elementary School
    Barbara Warren
    Barley Wellness
    Bass Medical Group
    Batta Environmental Associates, Inc
    Bayhill Highschool
    BCBSA Finance Division
    Be The Warmth!
    Beacon Black Student Union
    Beam Suntory
    Beck Family
    Ben Kinney Team Nashville, Llc / Melinda West
    Ben Kinney Team Nashville, Llc / Wes Postlethwaite
    Benedictine University
    Benedictine University School Of Graduate, Adult And Professional Education
    Bentley Jy
    Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices
    Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices Mac
    Bespoke Automotive
    Bethany Air Heating And Air Conditioning
    Bethany Physical Therapy
    Bethel Pentecostal Church Outreach Team
    Bianca Levan
    Bill Brown Ford, Inc.
    Binoy Rappai
    Biotechnology Innovation Organization
    Biotel Heart (Lifewatch)
    Birge And Held
    Bishop Automotive
    Black Girl Initiative
    Bloomingdale-Roselle Kiwanis Club
    Blue Energy Committee
    Bluesky Insurance “Coats For Hearts Drive”
    Board Of Directors
    Body Of God Llc
    Bodyrok Marina
    Bodyrok Mission
    Boho Hair Salon
    Bonnie Lawson
    Boomer McLoud
    Boomer Nashua
    Boreman Hall
    Boss Barbell
    Boynton High School
    Branham High School
    Brianna Shmulewitz
    Bridgeyard Old Town
    Bright Futures Little Rock
    Brightwood College – San Diego
    Brittney Sigsworth/Elaine Lin
    Broadneck Elks
    Brookforest Coat Drive
    Brooklyn Car Audio And Security
    Brookville Townhomes
    Brovitz Group Massage Envy
    Brownie Troop 40265
    Brownie Girl Scouts
    Brownie Troop 1808
    Brownie Troop 30410
    Brownie Troop 7306
    Brunelleschi’S Superior
    Bsa Troop 1128, Vienna, Va
    Burns & McDonnell
    Butler House Grade 7
    Byrd Center Management Office
    C&S Volunteer Employees
    Cadette Troop 274
    Caitlin McGinty
    Camarillo CSL
    Caminez Chiropractic
    Camp Play
    Campus Activity Board
    Campus Activity Team
    Canceled – Communities Of Apex
    Candlewood Church
    Capital Center
    Capital Community Bank
    Capital One Cafe
    Capital Plaza Apartments
    Car Audio & Security Specialists
    Car Plus
    Car Sound
    Caring Kids Youth Coat Drive
    Carol Nassar
    CBRE, Inc.
    Ccbank-Capital Community
    CDCR DAI – RC Mission
    Center For Primary Care
    Central Mountain Key Club & Student Council
    Centrella Real Estate Group
    CES Student Council Association
    Champions Circle Basketball
    Change 4 Change
    Charity #8
    Charles Schwab
    Charles Schwab & Co. Inc
    Charter Communications
    Charter Fitness
    Chase Bank
    Chester County Coat Drive
    Chicago Q
    Chick-Fil-A Easton Town Center Fsu
    Chlo And Friends
    Choice Hotels Owners Council
    Chow Family Coat Drive
    Christian McCall Eagle Scout Project
    Christina Spaulding
    Christmas Kindness
    Christots Montessori School
    Chubbies Atlanta
    Chubbies Charleston
    Chubbies Dallas
    Chubbies Houston
    Chubbies Miramar Beach
    Chubbies San Francisco
    Chubbies Santa Monica
    Chubbies Tampa
    Cintas Corporation
    Cisco Systems
    Cisco T&Q
    Cisneros Realty Group – Keller Williams Lakes & Mountains Realty
    Citizens For Social Change Rehabilitation Inc
    City Hill Community Development
    City Of Eagle Parks And Recreation
    City Wing Tsun
    Clark Construction Group
    Cloud 9 Yoga, LLC
    CMC Energy Services
    Coat Drive!
    Coats And Cuddles
    Coats For A Cause
    Coats For Cover
    Coats For Folks
    Coats For Kids
    Coats For The Cold
    Coats That Warm Hearts
    Coldwell Banker
    Coldwell Banker- Roseville
    Colleagues With Purpose
    Columbia Sportswear
    Columbine Elementary School
    Comcast Spotlight
    Comcast Spotlight- Southern Maryland
    Common Culture
    Community Choice Credit Union
    Community Outreach Team
    Community Powered Federal Credit Union
    Compass/ Julie Whitmer Real Estate Inc
    Compsych Go Green Committee
    Computer History Museum
    Conasia & Friends
    Confirmation Class
    Congregation Beth Sholom
    Congregation Kol Emeth
    Conlin Travel
    Conn’S Diversity And Inclusion Committee
    Cooper Studios
    Cordova Neighborhood Church
    Core Taekwondo
    Corepower Ytt 2018
    Corporate Coffee Systems
    Cosey Coats
    Cosmetic Surgery Center Of Cherry Hill
    Cotten-Carter Gives Back
    Covenant Community Health And Wellness Center
    Cover Me
    Coyote Ridge Elementary
    CPC Chrystie Street Sacc
    Credit Karma
    Cross Creek’S Women Who Wine
    Crossfit Forgiven And Crafted Fitness
    Crossfit Novem
    Crosspeak Solutions
    Crown Jewels
    Crystal Lake Montessori School
    Crystal Lakes Apartments
    Crystal Moore
    CSARTS Leadership
    CSL Plasma
    Cub Scout Pack 167
    Cuhsd Lmi
    Curiosity Shop
    Cushman & Wakefield
    Cytel, Inc.
    D&K Helping Hands
    Da Noi On Fifth Salon & Spa
    Daisy Girl Scout Troop 32797
    Daisy Scout Troop #62306
    Daisy Troop #2001
    Daisy Troop #6369
    Daisy Troop 1289
    Daisy Troop 70225
    Dallas Elks Lodge #71
    Damato Home
    Dashboard Audio
    DaVinci Club
    Dayla & Donnie Marie
    DDMS, Inc.
    Dean Honda
    Deborah Gable
    Deep Creek Family Coat Drive
    Del Lago Elementary School
    Del Mar High School
    Deloitte Consulting – Cloud Connect
    Delta Air Lines BHM
    Delta Air Lines BZN
    Delta Air Lines CDG
    Delta Air Lines HNL
    Delta Air Lines OGG
    Delta Air Lines SFO
    Delta Air Lines ATL
    Delta Air Lines BNA
    DeMaria In Action
    Democracy Fund
    Dental Horizons
    Depot Auto Sound & Security
    Des Plaines Police Department
    Desi Motorcycle Club (Dmc)
    Devlin Gymnastics
    Diamond Bar Community Preschool
    Diamonds In The Sky
    Dianna Hornes
    Dimapilis Life Care
    Disciple Fellowship Christian Church
    Distinctive Creations
    Diverse Empowered Women
    Divine Revelation
    Dixon’S And Community
    Do It For The Culture!
    Doers Of The Word
    Dorman Products
    Douglas R. Welch
    DPR Construction
    DPR Construction Ever Forward
    Dr Dashboard
    Dr. Troy & Yau, Ryesmiles Pediatric Dentistry
    Dream Halo Foundation
    Dreyfuss Management
    Dreyfuss Management, Llc
    Dua Sekhani
    Dublin Mazda
    Dulles Health & Rehab – Admissions Department
    Dupont It
    Durvet Inc
    Dvd.Com, A Netflix Company
    Dwight D. Eisenhower Middle School
    Dzovigs Warm Coats
    E. L. M. S.
    Eagle Canyon Management
    East Coast Collision
    East Cobb Orthodontics
    East Harlem Youth Oppotunity Hub
    East Pointe Dance
    Eaves Creekside
    Eaves Daly City
    Eaves Diamond Heights
    Eaves Dublin
    Eaves Foster City
    Eaves Fremont
    Eaves Mountain View At Middlefield
    Eaves Pacifica
    Eaves Pleasanton
    Eaves San Jose
    Eaves San Rafael
    Eaves Union City
    Eaves Walnut Creek
    Eaves West Valley
    Ebano Inc.
    Echo School
    ECI Technology, Inc.
    Eco International Pageants
    Eduardo’S Enoteca
    Edward Jones
    Eisneramper Wealth Management
    Elemental Wellness Center
    Elijah Walker
    Elite Medical
    Elite Performance Gym
    Emd Strategies
    Emerge Modern Salon
    Emma Young Coat Drive 2018
    Empire Merchants North Llc
    Employee Council
    Employees Of Regal Beloit America Inc.
    Employment Engagement Committee
    Empowerment In Circles
    Enchanted Care
    Energy Services Group
    Enterprise Holdings
    EQ Office
    Ernest Packaging Solutions
    Ess West
    Essex Bank
    Essex Bank King William Office
    Essex Bank West Point Office
    Essex Bank- West Broad Marketplace
    Essex Bank-Powhatan
    Estrella Lopez
    Ethan Allen – Princeton, Nj
    Eustace Middle School National Junior Honor Society
    Events & Recognition Committee
    Evil Horse Brewing Co.
    Executech HQ
    Exit Champion Realty
    Exit Landmark Realty
    Exit Realty Xl
    Exotic Car Audio & Security
    Fairwood Explorer Elementary School
    Family Dental Care Of Oak Park
    Family Resource Center
    Famm’s History Department
    Farradj Family
    February Birthday Boys
    Fedex Supply Chain-Pdc
    Filmss EAC
    Fine Living Realty
    Fiori Skincare By Sarah Vetere
    First Choice In-Home Care
    First Presbyterian Church Of San Anselmo
    Firstkey Homes
    Fisher College Of Business- Graduate Programs Office
    Fishers Crossings Security
    Fitch Humanitarian Club
    Five Parks Cares Coat Drive
    Five Star Real Estate Holliday Group
    Flatlands Flatbush Civic Group
    Flinn Foundation
    Folsom Car Stereo
    Forrest Family Warm Coat Drive
    Forsaken Customs Llc
    Fort Worth Association Of Federated Women’S Clubs
    Franklin University
    Fred Astaire Dance Studio
    Freedom Elementary School -Pre-K
    Fremont Parents Nursery School
    Fresh Anointing Outreach Ministry
    Fresh NYC
    Frick Impact Academy
    FTT Family
    Fulton Financial Corporation
    Fusion Academy’s Kindness Campaign
    Garden City Leadership Team
    Gardner Funeral Home
    Gateway City Hardcore
    Gb Customs Inc
    Gdi 01
    GDI Integrated Facility Services, USA
    GdI Services
    GdI-Alsip Office
    Gear Stop
    Genesis Biotechnology Group
    Gertiesnest Inc
    Gia Parker
    Gilroy’S First Baptist Church
    Girl Scout Leader
    Girl Scout Troop 30075
    Girl Scout Troop 62427
    Girl Scout Troop 150
    Girl Scout Troop 30740
    Girl Scout Troop 31249
    Girl Scout Troop 3195
    Girl Scout Troop 33374
    Girl Scout Troop 54051
    Girl Scout Troop 56
    Girl Scout Troop 5665
    Girl Scout Troop 61574
    Girl Scout Troop 62622
    Girl Scout Troop 62766
    Girl Scout Troop 62939
    Girl Scout Troop 70342
    Girl Scout Troops 10350 & 10384
    Girl Scout Troops 3107 & 4519
    Girl Scouts Of FCC
    Girl Scouts Of Northern California SU 643
    Girl Scouts Of Van Meter
    Girl Scouts Troop 33699
    Girl Scouts Troop 3511
    Girls Scouts Of Northern CA Troop 33985
    Give #Better Coat Drive
    Give Team
    Giving Back Where It Counts
    Giving Your Best Partners
    Glen Oaks Nursing Center
    Glen Willow
    Global Trade Compliance
    Goddard School Indianapolis North
    Golden Pursuit Of Growth
    Good Beginnings School
    Good Living Expo
    Goodnoe Pto
    Goodworks Cherry Hill
    Google Irvine
    GOTR – The Albrook School
    GP Customs
    Grace Of Calvary
    Grant Family
    Grav South Brew Co
    Greater Baltimore Club Managers Association
    Greek Orthodox Church Of The Assumption Ladies Philoptochos Society
    Green Brook Board Of Education
    Greenberg Traurig
    Greystone College
    Groundworks Landscaping
    GS Troop 33374
    GS Troop 60319
    GS Troop 61095
    GSA Troop 529
    GSGLA Wilshire Park Village Service Unit 506
    Guest & Patient Services
    GW CAS
    H&R Block
    H&R Block
    H&R Block Risers
    H&R Block-Albany
    H&R Block-Buford
    H&R Block-Carrollton
    H&R Block-Decatur
    H&R Block-East Point
    H&R Block-Marietta
    Hal Community Action Committee
    Hali Kaufman
    Halo Salon
    Hannah McGowan
    Hanscom Daisy Troop #85248
    Happy Pets Grooming Spa
    Harcum College Da/EFDA Club
    Harmony School Of Innovation
    Harper’s Landing
    Harrington Park Student Council
    Hatchet Outdoor Supply Co.
    Hawkeye Auto Accessories, Inc.
    Hb Thompson Middle School
    Health And Fitness Professionals
    Healthwell Foundation
    Heart Of The Bay Apa
    Heather La France
    Heather Nickell
    Helotes Book Club Mom
    Helping Michele
    Henderson Bay
    Henderson Bay Coat Drive
    Henry Simmons
    Hercules Capital
    Heritage Gives
    Hillel Ruach
    Hillsboro Coat Drive
    Hinsdale/Ischua Coat Drive
    Hitachi America, Ltd. – Bay Area CAC
    HMWC CPA’s & Business Advisors
    Hofstra Occupational Therapy
    Holy Apostles Philoptochos Society
    Home & Holiday Boutique
    Home Depot-Troutdale
    Honda North
    Horner Jr. High
    Hot Rag’S
    House Of Blues
    House Of Zion Church
    Hudson Country Montessori School – Upper Elementary
    Hudson River Athletics
    Human Resources Department – Trinity Rail
    Humana’s SER (Georgia) Community Service Workgroup
    Huntington Beach & Fountain Valley Moms Club
    Hv Coats For A Cause
    Hx Fitness
    HYFN Local
    Idea First Automotive Inc
    Iglesia De Cristo Misionera
    Illy Caffe North America
    Indigenous Designs
    Indigo Massage & Wellness
    Innovative Concepts
    Instrument & Valve Services
    Integrated Wealth Management Group
    Integrity Payment Systems
    Interact Club Of Monroe Community .
    International Leadership Of Texas East Fort Worth
    Invision Communications
    Iron Horse Hotel
    Iron Mountain
    Iron Pro Gym
    Ivan Maldonado
    J. Loew Property Management
    Jack And Jill Of Tacoma
    Jacob Young Financial
    Jacquelyn Kenyon
    Jaime Torres
    Jane Coat Drive
    Janney Montgomery Scott
    Janssen Scientific Affairs
    Jaryl Coat Drive
    Jb Hunt
    Jefferson Elementary School
    Jennifer Magpayo
    Jes Foundation Repair
    Jessica Business Drive
    Jessica Flores
    Jewish Community Center Of San Francisco
    JHS PTO Night To Care
    JLL – Bank Of America Coat Drive: Southwest Region`
    Jocelyn’S Annual Community Service Project
    John Muir Behavioral Health Outpatient
    John Rota: Real Estate Salesperson – Keller Williams Realty Group
    Joshua Murphy
    Julia’s Coat Collection
    Julie Flouty Homes
    Julie’s Coats And Cocktails
    Junior LSL
    Kaiser Permanente
    Kaiser Permanente – Independence Park
    Kaiser Permanente- CTO
    Kalibri Labs, Llc
    Kathy & Company Boutique
    KBET Communications
    Keep Everyone Warm
    Keeping Kids Warm
    Keller Williams
    Kelley Schmidt
    Kelly Mackey
    Kempema Family
    Ken Caryl Colorado
    Ken’S Car Tunes, Inc.
    Ken’S Cartunes, Inc.
    KGH Autism Services
    Kids Icm
    Kids Of Swasbury
    Kids That Give
    Kims TKD Center
    Kindercare Learning Center
    Kindness Project
    Kinneret Day School
    Knights Of Peter Claver Ladies Auxiliary Ct 314
    Knollwood Knockouts
    Kohl’S Corporate
    Korn Ferry New York Office
    KP NCAL Revenue Cycle
    KPMG Short Hills Nj
    Ks’ Koats 4 Kids
    Kulkarni Family
    Kurfiss Sotheby’S
    Kwong Dental Care/ Relax Dentistry
    Lacrosse High School Honor Society
    Lacrosse Honor Society
    Lafauci Tile & Marble
    Lags Medical Centers
    Lakes Audio
    Lam Research Corporation
    Lam Research NCG’s
    Langley United Soccer Association
    Language Services Associates
    Lansdowne Resort And Spa- People Services Team
    Largo High Class Of 2020
    Laticrete International
    Laura Lackten
    Lavista Conference Center Embassy And Marriott
    Lavista Conference Center Team
    Layer Our Loves
    Leaders For Change
    Leadership Lions
    Legal Association For Women
    Lennar Corporation
    Lg Electronics
    LGC / Biosearch
    Lilac Oak Service Unit
    Lilly Gardens Apartments
    Limitless Physical Therapy And Wellness
    Liseter HOA
    Little Helpers Of Dallas-Fort Worth
    Little Helpers Of DFW
    Little Ohana
    Liu Brooklyn Student Nurses? Association
    Living Way Dance Ministry
    Liz Marigold
    Lockton Insurance Broker
    Long Island Women’s Empowerment Network
    Look Long Brewing Company
    Loopy’s In Loomis
    Lora Kelly
    Lori Olson And David Reno East Bay Real Estate
    Los Angeles Seminole Club
    Louisiana Modified Dolls
    Louisville Regional Airport Authority SDF Cares
    Lowe’s Product Content – Building Materials & Maintenance
    Lowes 2211
    Lucky’s Autosports And Offroad
    Luke Cares
    Lumiere Place Casino Human Resources
    Lurenda Armanini
    Luxe Salon + Spa
    Luxury Living Chicago Realty
    Mable’S Smokehouse
    Madeline Parker
    Maegan Steil
    Magnolia Medical Group
    Mahogany Cares Foundation Inc
    Maker’s Mark – Burlington Wine And Spirits
    Maker’s Mark – Crave
    Maker’s Mark – Liquor World – Franklin
    Maker’s Mark – Market Basket
    Maker’s Mark – Oakdale Liquors
    Maker’s Mark – Sav Rite Liquors
    Maker’s Mark – The Owl Shop
    Maker’s Mark – Ye Old Liquor Shoppe
    Management 3150
    Manatee County Clerk Of The Circuit Court & Comptroller
    Maple Shade High School
    Maplewood Apartments
    Maria Cruz-Rodriguez Of Sereno Group, And Mary Pennel Of Commerce Home Mortgage
    Marianne Curtis, Realtor Dre# 01973743
    Marjorie H Tobias Elementary School
    Mark Gennaro, Md
    Marley Presswood
    Marriott South Central Group Sales Office
    Martha Lear. Keller Williams Realty
    Maslon LLP
    Massage Envy
    Massage Envy – Gilbert
    Massage Envy Chandler
    Massage Envy Chandler Crossroads
    Massage Envy Fulton Ranch
    Massage Envy Queen Creek
    Massage Envy Tempe
    Massage Envy- Northwest Tucson
    Maerick West Salon
    McKinley Elementary
    McShea’s Restaurant & Bar
    Mechanical Contractors Association Of Metro Washington
    Mecka Fitness
    Medecine Shoppe
    Mediterranean Village
    Mercedes-Benz Of Danbury
    Mercy Internal Med
    Merieux Nutrisciences
    Merryman Farr
    Mesa Hills
    Metro By T-Mobile
    Metropolitan Apartments
    MFX Llc Dba Mobile Fx
    MHS National Honors Society
    Miasole Hi-Tech Corp.
    Michael Baker International
    Michigan Storage Centers
    Microsoft Coats For Kids
    Middle Country Coat Drive
    Middlesex County Academy
    Middletown Honda
    Midtown Assistance Center
    Midwest Sound And Security
    Midwestern States Rim Queens
    Milton Hall Surgical Associates, Ent Institute
    Mind And Media
    Miss Huston And 5Th Grade
    Mitchell International
    Mobile AVC-Glen Oaks
    Montessori Family School
    Mookies Place Youth And Family Program
    Moonlight Brewing Company
    Morgan North Community Council
    Morgan Stanley
    Morgan Stanley Human Resources
    Mortenson Family Dental
    Mountain View Parent Nursery School
    Mountain West
    Moxie Hair Salon
    Mr. Collins Genius Hour Class
    Mrs. Melendez
    MSMBC Women’ss Ministry
    Mu Theta Zeta
    Multiple Warm Coats
    Munchkin Inc.
    Museum Of The American Revolution
    Muslim Student Association
    My Birthday, 2018
    My Busy Town
    My Knowledge Is Power
    Napa Chicago
    National Honor Society
    National Kidney Foundation Of Michigan
    National Residence Hall Honorary
    Navsea FCPOA
    NBD HVAC & Refrigeration
    NCC Media
    NCC Media Detroit
    NCR PS Department
    Nettesheim Family
    New Bethel Youth Group
    New Chapel
    New U Life
    New York Public Radio
    Newsong Church
    Nhs Aihs / Szaroleta
    Nichiha — Johns Creek
    Nicole Rose Salon
    Nightingale Realty
    Nintendo Of America
    NLC Se Food Pantry
    NNDYM Chicago-Shree Swaminarayan Temple
    No Family Left Behind & Glide Roller Dome Enterprise
    Nobody Goes Cold 2018!
    Nola Sound Solutions
    Norcal Ambulance
    Nord Anglia International School
    North Bay Eye Associates
    North Chevy Chase Christian Church
    North Meck Beta
    North Park Lexus At Dominion
    North Side School
    Northside Pediatrics
    Northwestern Mutual
    NOSC Sacramento FCPOA
    Notre Dame
    Novation IQ
    November Project Philly
    Noyz & Toyz
    Npc, Inc.
    Nuscale Denver
    Nuscale Power
    Nuscale Power – Win Charlotte Office
    Nuscale Power – Win Richland Office
    Nuscale Power – Win Corvallis Office
    NWIR Seattle Chapter
    NYC Delta Gamma Alumnae Chapter
    Nys Limitless Auto
    Oak Grove Academy
    Oakmont Of Concord
    Oasis Behavioral Health Hospital
    Ocean County Vocational Technical School
    Ohana Youth
    Ohio Wesleyan Athletics
    Ohiohealth Supply Chain
    Ohlone College Veterans Resource Center
    Oklahoma Customs
    Old Adobe Girl Scouts
    Oliversperry Renovation
    Olivia Taylor
    Olympic High School Leadership
    One Warm Coat
    Onpoint Connections
    Onprem Solution Partners
    Operation Warmth
    Operation Wisdom
    Operation: Share The Warmth
    Oracle Cloud Solution Hubs
    Orangetheory Fitness
    Orangetheory Fitness Wrigleyville
    Orepac Building Products
    Orion Northstar
    Orion Worldwide
    Oros Apparel
    Ortho, Sport & Spine Physicians
    Osg Tools
    Otsuka Finance
    Our Impact On The World Club
    Our Lady Of Perpetual Help School
    Owens Corning
    Pa Joint Board/Worker United/Seiu
    Pace Program
    Pacific Workplaces
    Pacifica Avid
    Pack 51
    Pack 52
    Parallel Wireless
    Park Lawn Jm School
    Park Regency
    Parkisde Community Center
    Parque Zaragoza Neighborhood Association
    Parsons Canoe Beggs Funeral Home
    Patelco Credit Union
    Patterson Pyramid
    Payroc LLC
    PCMA Capital Chapter
    PDL Memorial
    Peachtree Planning
    Peak Training Studio
    Peanuts Mission No Hearts Go Unbroken
    Pelo Fitness – Russian Hill
    Penny Lane Emporium
    People Of Color (POC) @ OKTA
    Perfect Basements
    Perfectionist Auto Sound & Security
    Performance Fitness LLC
    Performant Financial Corporation
    Perkins Drive
    Perry Point Apartments
    Peterson Sturms
    Phi Sigma Sigma
    Pi Beta Phi
    Pierce Chiropractic Center
    Pilates On 10Th
    Pillars At Great Bridge
    Piller’s Fine Foods
    Pima Medical Institute Renton Campus
    Pine Lake Country Club
    Pines One Condominiums
    Pinnacle Living
    PK Electrical, Inc.
    Pm Team 4 Madison College
    Port Milfrod Marina
    Postmark Apartments
    Precept Group
    Precision Cellular & Sound
    Precision Healthcare Delivery
    Premier Car Audio
    Prestige Preschool Academy
    Pro Car Sound And Security
    Progressive Properties Of Greenville
    Project Warm Wishes
    Proline Car Stereo
    Proline Car Stereo-Utica
    Prolink Staffing
    Promise Fellow Coat Drive
    Prospect High School
    Providence Life Services
    PS 971
    Punch Bowl Social Denver
    QSQM Health And Wellness
    QTC – A Leidos Company
    Queen Anne Elementary
    Questrom School Of Business Executive Mba Program
    R.S. Abrams & Co., LLP
    Radiant Solutions
    Rag & Bone – Abbot Kinney
    Rag & Bone – Aspen
    Rag & Bone – Bal Harbour
    Rag & Bone – Beak St
    Rag & Bone – Boston
    Rag & Bone – Brentwood
    Rag & Bone – Brooklyn
    Rag & Bone – Chicago
    Rag & Bone – Christopher Street
    Rag & Bone – Columbus
    Rag & Bone – Fillmore
    Rag & Bone – Georgetown Men’S
    Rag & Bone – Georgetown Women’S
    Rag & Bone – Greenwich
    Rag & Bone – Highland Park
    Rag & Bone – Houston
    Rag & Bone – King Of Prussia
    Rag & Bone – Madison Ave
    Rag & Bone – Manhasset
    Rag & Bone – Meatpacking
    Rag & Bone – Melrose
    Rag & Bone – Miami Design District
    Rag & Bone – Sloane Square
    Rag & Bone – Soho
    Rag & Bone – Spitalfields Market
    Rag & Bone – Tribeca
    Rag & Bone – Walnut Street
    Rainforest Qa
    Randy Greenberg
    Rappahannock SCA
    Rasmussen College 
    RBC Wealth Management Group
    Re/Max Fine Homes
    Re/Max Gold
    Realtor_ Keller Williams Integrity Nw
    Realty One Group American
    Realty One Group Elite
    Rebecca Schall- Community Service Club
    Red Bank Wfa
    Red Tree Church
    Reflection Dental- Manassas
    Refugee And Immigrant Assistance Center
    Regal Cinemas Moorestown Mall
    Regency At Creekside Hoa
    Regus Business Management
    Regus Team
    Reichelt Family
    Reliance Standard Life Insurance
    Reliance Vitamin
    Relief Society Of Clinton Ward
    Renaissance Academy Pto
    Renee Storey
    Renton Ambassadors
    Republic Indemnity
    Republic Services
    Resources For Community Development At Ashland Place Apartments
    Resources For Community Development At Fox Courts Apartments
    Resources For Community Development At Mable Howard Apartments
    Resources For Community Development At Ohlone Gardens
    Resources For Community Development At Oxford Plaza
    Resources For Community Development Corporate Office
    Rev. Tim Huff
    Revman International Inc
    Rex Electric And Technologies
    Rich Products
    Richardson Electronics Inc.
    Richelieu Foods
    Ridgefield Park National Honors Society
    Ridgeland Place
    Rio Love
    River Ridge Lady Hawks
    Rose Krinks
    Rotary Club Of Chicago Lakeview
    Royal International Miss Queens Coat Drive
    Royal Maple Real Estate Brokerage
    Royal Reign All Stars
    Rudy Luther Toyota
    Rwi Logistics
    Rymax Marketing Services, Inc.
    S&A Autosound
    S&H Uniform Corp
    Sabine Pass Lng
    Sacred Heart Ccd 2019 Community Project
    Sage Engineers, Inc.
    Sage McMickell, Holly Hacking And Megan Smith
    Sage Ridge Parent Association
    Sagewood Village
    Saint Clement Catholic School
    Saint Simon Parish Youth Ministry
    Salesforce Inc
    Samantha O?Brien
    San Chez Bistro
    San Jose SDA Church
    Sanborn Central
    Santa Clara Kindercare
    Santa Clara University
    Santa Maria Urban Ministry
    Sap Concur
    Saputo Cheese Milwaukee
    SAS Finance And Administration Holiday Celebration
    Savage Apparel Co.
    Save A Jacket
    Se Connect
    Sea Villa Office
    Second Street
    Seiu 1021
    Selden Student Gov
    Select Technologies
    Senior Project
    Seniorbridge/Humana At Home
    Serene Hills Dentistry
    Serve With Love
    Seven Hills Foundation
    Sf Girl Scout Troop #62086
    SFHSS Well-Being
    Shannon’S Coat Drive
    Share The Warmth
    Sharing One Warm Coat Of Many Colors
    Sharp Business Systems
    Sharp Business Systems Of No Ca
    Shayna Frink
    SHC Community Outreach
    Shea Mays
    Shelley Shakes Realtor
    Shi Software & Licensing
    Shieldx Networks
    Shoprite Bayonne, Nj
    Shoprite Bayville, Nj
    Shoprite Branchburg, Nj
    Shoprite Bricktown, Nj
    Shoprite Chester, Nj
    Shoprite Clinton, Nj
    Shoprite East Windsor, Nj
    Shoprite Fair Lawn, Nj
    Shoprite Garnerville, Ny
    Shoprite Greater Morristown, Nj
    Shoprite Hillsborough, Nj
    Shoprite Howell, Nj
    Shoprite Jackson, Nj
    Shoprite Jersey City, Nj
    Shoprite Lanoka Harbor, Nj
    Shoprite Lodi, Nj
    Shoprite Lyndhurst, Nj
    Shoprite Manahawkin, Nj
    Shoprite Marmora, Nj
    Shoprite Middletown, Nj
    Shoprite Middletown, Ny
    Shoprite New Rochelle, Ny
    Shoprite North Bergen, Nj
    Shoprite Poughkeepsie, Ny
    Shoprite Rio Grande, Nj
    Shoprite Somers Point, Nj
    Shoprite Somerville, Nj
    Shoprite South Plainfield, Nj
    Shoprite Spotswood, Nj
    Shoprite Staten Island, Ny
    Shoprite Stirling, Nj
    Shoprite Vails Gate, Ny
    Shoprite Waretown, Nj
    Shoprite Warwick, Ny
    Shoprite Wayne, Nj
    Shoprite West Milford, Nj
    Shoprite West Nyack, Ny
    Shoprite Woodbridge, Nj
    Sigma Sigma Phi
    Simpson Strong-Tie Company
    SK Customs Car Audio & Home Theater
    Skyvision Centers
    Sl Power Electronics
    Sleigh Family Chiropractic
    Social Services Department
    Society Of Interventional Radiology
    Sonia Vu
    SOTC Youth Group
    Sound Connection Inc
    Sound Decisions – Racine
    Sound Fx
    Sound Investment
    Sound Of Tri-State
    Sound Works Llc
    South Side Audio
    South Street Fitness Center
    Southco, Inc
    Southeast, Inc.
    Spark Wireless
    Special Projects
    Spectrum-Keeping Austin Warm- Coat Drive
    Speed Of Sound Technologies
    Spokane Valley Ent
    Spread The Warmth
    Spread The Word Media Group
    Spring Ridge Apartments
    Spruce Blow Dry Bar + Salon
    St. Andrew LWML
    St. Andrews Presbyterian Church
    St. Anthony Foundation
    St. Eugene’S Bsa Pack #45
    St. John Baptist Church
    St. John The Baptist School
    St. Paul’S Lutheran School
    St.Catherine Philoptochos Of St.Demetrios
    Stafford Spartan Band
    Staker Chiropractic Center
    Standard Station Sports Bar
    State College Of Florida Collegiate School
    State Farm
    State Farm Michael Laglia Agency
    Steve Ryherd
    Stitch Fix Finance Dept.
    Stoney Creek
    Storm Cattoche
    Street Sounds
    Streetstyle Inc
    Student Council Of Central Brooklyn Ascend Charter School
    Student Life
    Sucker Punch Productions
    Summit Construction
    Sun Basket Inc Mw
    Sun Dazed Tanning
    Sundance Mountain Sports Education Foundation
    Sunrise Of Buffalo Grove
    Superior Construction
    Surgicare Of Central Jersey
    Susan Berry
    Suttles & Seawinds
    SVB-Marketing Team
    Sweet Home Washington
    Tabernacle SDA Church
    Takara Bio
    Tamayo Ugly Sweater Party
    Tarleton State University Mgmt 5312
    TBWA Worldhealth SF
    TBWA\Worldhealth Irvine
    TC Garage Sale
    TD Ameritrade
    TD Bank
    Team Freehold Ivy Rehab
    Team Kashyap
    Team Peterson- Caliber Home Loans
    The Academy Of Charter Schools Student Council
    The All Vol Call In Show
    The American College Of Financial Services
    The Beddow School
    The Bull Foundation
    The Cheesecake Factory
    The Clay Team
    The Commons On St Anthony
    The Exhibit Company
    The Feinstein Family
    The Fletcher’s One Warm Coat Drive
    The Galaxy Kittens
    The Gardens At Colchester
    The Gesslers
    The Good Bar & Eatery
    The Gym
    The Gym At Eighth And Main
    The Harbour
    The House Of God Church
    The Inner Circle
    The Johnnides Family
    The Key At Yale And Towne
    The Knee Joint Inc
    The Law Offices Of R.F. Wittmeyer
    The Lightstone Group
    The Lodge At Crossroads
    The Lofts
    The Meadows Apartments
    The Megan Aitken Team
    The Mercer At Lawrence Station
    The Muller Home
    The Nab Employee Council
    The Nedder Group, Coldwell Banker
    The Network BICP Bay Chapter
    The Oryniak Family
    The Park Church Co-Op
    The Pineapple School
    The Pineapple School At Stone Oak
    The Plaza Chiropractic Center
    The Red Line
    The S.O.L.O. Project
    The Shively Team Concierge Real Estate Experts At TTR Sotheby’S International Realty
    The Spitalieri Family
    The Synergy School
    The Tuscany Apartments
    The Valentine Kids & Friends
    The Yard
    Thomas A Edison CTE High School
    Thomas Mcafee Funeral Home
    Thompson Chicago- People Services
    Tibco Software
    Tiffanee’s Coat Collection
    Tint Works, Llc
    Tipton Dairy Queen
    Titanium Twirlers
    TN Bowes Heating & Air
    Toddler University
    Toni Cooper
    Tony Machado Keller Williams Realty
    Top Of The Line Marketing Chapter
    Toshiba America Energy Services
    Touro University California
    Traffic Jams
    Treasure Garden Coats For Kids
    Trevor Burris
    Trinity Lutheran Church
    Trinity UCC 
    Troop 62427
    Troop 10271 
    Troop 15 Projects
    Troop 1692
    Troop 18043
    Troop 236
    Troop 2455
    Troop 32348
    Troop 3361
    Troop 3623 
    Troop 466
    Troop 62247
    Troop 76
    Troop 88109
    Trotter’s Outreach
    Tse Kind Club
    Tualatin NCG’s
    Tukhs Him Department
    Tuscan Hills-Ryan Homes
    TVS Supply Chain Solutions
    Twelve Hotel Community Care Committee
    Uber Greenlight Hub
    UNC Rex Critical Care Transport
    United Fellowship Baptist Church
    University Research Co., Llc
    Urban Renaissance Group Llc
    USF NYC Alumni Association
    Ut Southwestern School Of Health Professionals CPIU
    Valley Creek
    Vanessa Arjoon
    Vanguard Properties
    Vault Apartments
    VCU Social Work Interns
    Velofix Southcoast Ri Ma
    Veritiv Carrollton CSC
    Vernon Terrace Of Edina
    Villas Of Holly Brook
    Virgin Galactic
    Vowels Family
    Vy Bush Street Investors
    Vybe Living
    Wagner Ranch School Brownie Troop #32767
    Walter E. Smithe
    Warby Parker Southport
    Warm A Body 2Nd And Heart
    Watermark Lofts
    Weber State Communications Service Project
    Weehawken Hs
    Weekes Forest Products – Saint Paul
    Weibel Elementary
    Weichert Bethesda
    Well Dressed And Peanut Butter Obsessed
    Wells Fargo
    Wells Fargo Bank
    West Babylon Public Library
    West Broad Church Of The Nazarene
    West Suburban Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
    West Woods Of Niles
    Westmont High School
    Westside Wellness Chiropractic Center
    Wf Advisors
    White Birch
    White Plains Teachers Association
    Whitlow Creek Coat Drive
    Whole Foods Market Cares
    Wild Aces Mc Nation
    Wilhoit Coat Drive
    Willow Run Women’S Committee
    Winston & Strawn Silicon Valley Office
    Winter Love
    Winter Warm Up – Coat Drive
    Winter Warriors
    Wired Up Solutions Llc
    Wolfe Interior Design
    Women’S Network- Philadelphia Chapter
    Woodland Cove
    Woodmark Apartments Warm Coat Drive
    Woods Charter School
    Woodside Gives
    World Business Chicago
    Wow Power! Giving Warmth
    Wsp Usa Inc.
    Wunderkin Co.
    Xquizit Customs
    Yerba Buena Ice Skating Ctr.
    Yext – Finance Team
    Yinz A Murderino
    Yipes Auto Accessories Of Northern Vermont
    Yoga By Danit
    You’Ve Got Maids Of Portland
    Young American’S For Freedom
    Zach And Nate’S Coat Drive
    Zachys Coat Drive
    Zap Surgical Systems
    Zebra Technologies
    Zeidman “One Warm Coat Drive”
    Zells Mobile Electronics