“There is virtually no limit to what young people can do, no social need they cannot help meet, and giving young people the opportunities to serve enables them to become contributors, problem-solvers, and partners with adults in improving their communities.” (Benson & Roehlkepartain)


One Warm Coat is so proud of our young Ambassadors! Holding a coat drive is a great activity for preschoolers – college students and everyone in-between! Whether a young person or group of young people are looking for an activity for a club (like Girls Scouts/Boys Scouts, Key Club, FBLA etc) or for in the classroom, a coat drive is a great way to involve one or many young people in making a difference in their community.

Download the one-pager below that best describes the youth you are working with.  If you have any questions, please email us:

Preschool – 8th Grade 

High School – College

Sesame Street Season 48: My favorite sweater

We are so excited to see a clothing drive episode on Sesame Street!  Watching this episode with your little one is a great way to introduce into the importance of donating gently worn items instead of throwing them away. The episode shows just has easy it is to make a difference!

*Note: We are not affiliated or partnered with Sesame Street. We just love the lesson in this episode!

Lesson Plan for Young Students

Kids Who Care: Coat Drive/Lesson Plan 

Welcome to Kids Who Care, a coat drive project for very young children and their families!
Through a series of basic activities over a three-week span, teachers, parents and caregivers help young children collect and distribute gently used warm coats. Together, they make a real and lasting difference in the lives of their neighbors and friends.

Project Goals:
The Kids Who Care coat drive program is designed to:

  • Teach children, parents and caregivers about the need for warm coats in their home communities and how easy it is to make a difference.
  • Show children that they can be an important part of a community service project, even though they are very young.

Learning Objectives
A school-based coat drive offers learning opportunities for both children and parents/caregivers.

Children will learn that:

  • Their neighbors may be in need
  • They can help, even if they’re very young

Parents/caregivers will learn that:

  • Their children and the people who care for them care about helping others
  • It’s easy to help when you work together

View or download the full three week lesson plan.

Community Service


Many schools and programs require students to complete volunteer hours in order to graduate from their class or complete their program.

A One Warm Coat drive may be a perfect project for you!

Our online instructions – Hold a Drive in Six Easy Steps – will help you through the step by step process of holding your own coat drive.  You will be required to keep track of the hours that you spend on the project and may need an adult or qualified person to verify your work.    We have provided a Project Log for you to track your time and information about your drive, however, keep in mind many schools have specific paperwork that they require.

You will automatically receive a certificate of appreciation when you complete your drive.  If you need a confirmation letter for your project, One Warm Coat will be happy to provide you with one. You must:

Information for Teachers

What Teachers Needs to Know

Once your school’s coat drive is registered in the One Warm Coat system, our free Tools & Resources will help you get organized from start to finish.

Who gets the coats?
Coats stay in the community where they are collected. They are given to people who need them the most.

How do the coats get to the people in need?
One Warm Coat works with community service agencies across the U.S. Your team will use our Agency Locator and choose an agency in your area to receive your coats. That agency’s staff will ensure that people in need receive your coats.

About One Warm Coat-approved Agencies.
We require that agencies who receive coats from us and our Organizers:

  1. Agree to give way coats free of charge (never sell them in a thrift shop, for example)
  2. Register with us online

What if there’s no One Warm Coat agency registered in my community?
Please recommend an agency near you. Remember to talk with them about our requirements (stated above). Registering in our system is their way of telling us that they agree with our requirements. It also enables additional coat drive Organizers to find them through our website.

What Your School Team Determines:

  1. When and where to hold your drive
  2. How to promote your drive in your community
  3. What agency you will work with

What One Warm Coat Provides
Once a coat drive is registered in our system One Warm Coat provides a variety of helpful tools, including:

  1. Instructions for organizing, free Tools & Resources, including downloadable flyers, press releases and photo releases for adults and children.
  2. A Coat Drive Kit (sent via U.S. mail) that includes a banner, collection box labels and more. (Note: You are responsible for your own collection boxes and storage bags.)
  3. A free listing on our national online Coat Drive Locator

View or download the full three week lesson plan.