Meet Janauvia McCall.  She is college student, who recently lost her job.  She wants to teach history in middle school because she loves children and wants them to learn about history so that they can shape the world.

Janauvia shared with us that she’s a bit insecure about how things are going to work out for her; even outside of her education, the fear of the unknown and how she will take care of herself is weighing heavy on her.  She said the coat she received meant security – not only was it going to get her through the winter time but she knew it would last and keep her protected.

As a young child, she was in foster care and knows what it’s like to feel “less than”. Janauvia was incredibly grateful to the amazing donors who made it possible for her to receive a free, warm coat.  She said it’s easy for everyone to make a difference in someone’s life – something as simple as donating a coat is a wonderful opportunity to reach out and show someone you care.

You can make a difference in someone’s life. Your donation today will warm so many people this winter, people just like Janauvia.

Just $25 will warm 50 Janauvias.

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