“Please help my students!”  We often hear from teachers who are concerned that their students are coming to school without a warm coat.  When a child doens’t have a warm coat to wear in the winter, they often don’t want to go to school –  because the walk to school or wait for the bus is too cold – and because they are embarrassed. They’re embarrassed because they don’t have something their peers do – a warm coat.

Even more heartbreaking is when children have to sit in their classroom and watch their friends play outside – because they don’t have something warm to protect them.  Children should be free to play and make memories with friends, they shouldn’t be prevented from having fun because they can’t afford a coat.

Last year, we heard from a teacher in Michigan who was so upset when he called us, he said:

“I work at one of the poorest schools in the state. We are a public school with few resources and immense poverty. Is there anything your organization can do to help us obtain winter coat donations? We have over 600 students in Pre-K to 8th grades. Today, it is freezing and we have students coming to school in tee shirts. Hundreds of families have no furnaces. Somehow this community is isolated and forgotten about. Please help us!”

You can make a difference in these children’s lives and give them a warm coat to wear.   Your donation of $25 right now will warm 50 children by supporting our coat drive program.  Please help us provide warmth to those that need it the most – everyone should have one warm coat!


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