How To Create a Collection Bin

Coat collection boxes may be purchased from our online store.

If you would prefer create your own collection bin, we encourage Ambassadors to be creative and reduce/reuse/recycle old boxes, clean garbage cans – a container of any kind will work! Putting a collection bin together is super easy, just follow the steps below and you will have an eye catching collection bin ready for your coat drive!

Use the many free posters and graphics, or purchase banners through the online store, to decorate your collection bin.  

For more collection bin ideas, scroll to the bottom of the page to view a gallery of our Ambassador’s past creations!

*Special thanks to Husson University Enactus for sharing these great how-to photos!

Find a clean container
Gather decorations
Decorate your bin

Voilà! A finished bin to collect your coats!

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