Build a greater connection with your customers and warm even more people in your community.


Here are a few ideas to get you started:

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In-Store Promotion

Customer Incentives

Create a compelling incentive to thank customers for their coat donation and/or encourage a future shopping visit. Ideas include:

  • A special discount
  • A “give one, get one” offer
  • A free service or gift
  • Special customer perks
  • Additional loyalty rewards

Register Receipt

Promote your coat drive dates or a special incentive with a printed message on the customer receipt.


Don’t forget to display all of the signage available in your coat drive kit (banner, sticker, thermometer, etc.).

You can download the One Warm Coat logo and additional graphics to create your own customized signage highlighting your dates and/ or special incentives. Custom signs are great for the checkout counter.

Bag Stuffer

Promote your coat drive in advance. Insert a flier about your One Warm Coat drive inside each customer’s bag ahead of your launch date and throughout your drive. This is also a great opportunity to offer a bounce-back coupon or incentive. Here’s an example from our good friends at Brooks Brothers, who are holding their 6th annual drive this year!

Social Media

Share the news about your coat drive
on social media and help spread awareness
about the need for warm coats. We have
sample posts, hashtag ideas and more here.

One Warm Coat Day is celebrated annually on October 3.

If your coat drive launches before October 3, consider a special promotion to help celebrate One Warm Coat Day – a day of awareness and support.

Promotion ideas include:

  • A limited-edition product sale
  • A percent of product sale
  • A special social media campaign
  • Matching gifts and more

Charity Checkout: Create more LOYALTY, ENGAGEMENT & ADMIRATION.

Customers WANT to be charitable, they appreciate being invited to help do something meaningful.

Round Ups

Ask your customers if they would like to round up their purchase to the nearest dollar amount to benefit One Warm Coat. Small gifts add up to a huge impact on the millions of children and adults in need of warmth.

Donation at the Register 

Invite your customers to make a donation at checkout, either through a verbal ask made by a sales associate or through your automated pin pad.


At checkout, invite your customers to “purchase” a One Warm Coat pinup for $1, $3 or $5. Display pinups in-store to thank all who have participated.

Download the Pinup Instructions and Agreement here.


$1 Pinup      $3 Pinup    $5 Pinup