Bulk Coat Donations to One Warm Coat

Bulk Coat Donations Welcome!

Turn your excess stock into the gift of warmth by donating them to One Warm Coat!

We will gladly accept your samples, overruns, overstocks and irregulars. Coats donated through our bulk program are given to individuals in need across the US.

If your company needs assistance with shipping costs, that is not a barrier for One Warm Coat. We will work with your company to get the coats to those who are in need of warmth.

We’ll also help you place donations other than coats!  Reach out to learn more:


877.66.9276 x 5


The Impact of Donated Coats

Thank you so much for the photos and sending an update on where the coats have been going. We are incredibly thankful for your organization to find these coats a home with those in need.

Thank you for all your efforts and we will continue reaching out with more donations in the future.

Kelsey B.

General Manager , UNRL


We are so grateful for the donation of new coats. We have distributed 138 coats throughout our community:
  • 50 coats were given to community group that serves several homeless programs and a a rehabilitation center
  • 50 coats went to foster children and families who needed help
  • 13 coats wen to an adult day care center for the low income and disabled
  • 9 coats went to patients who were graduating from their rehabilitation program to make a new start in life
  • 16 coats were distributed to various families who were victims of house fires or who were low income and in need, including a local Pastor’s family who lost everything in a fire
The last 200 will be saved to hand out at our annual community Christmas Outreach. At the Christmas Outreach we have been short on coats every year and have not been able to provide new coats for all of the families until your generous donation arrived. We usually have 300+ people in attendance at this event.
My two young sons aged 3, and 5, as well as my 4-year-old nephew, are shown in these pictures helping distribute the coat because they wanted  “to help be a part of keeping our community warm.” It melted my heart that they were so excited to help.
Thank you so much to One Warm Coat and UNRL for all that you do.
A representative from SmileFaith

One of OWC's nonprofit partners, located in KY, and recipient of bulk donation from UNRL

One Warm Coat is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, EIN #74-3045243. Coat and dollar donations and contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law. 877-663-9276