Brandon is grateful for second chances.

He’s trying hard to get his life together, working and going to school to become a welder.  But despite his hard work, money is really tight, and he would not have been able to get himself a warm coat this year.

Brandon told us:

This coat means a lot. I’m starting over, money is real tight. To have a jacket, is a blessing. It’s humbling to receive, and hopefully one day I can give back.

Brandon is especially grateful to the donors that made it possible for him to receive a warm coat.  He said:

It’s a blessing to know there are like-mind people like me out there, if the Lord ever blessed me to get to a place where I can help others, I wouldn’t hesitate.

Brandon told us that the coat he received will push him so far ahead in the future, and for that he is so grateful.

You can provide warmth for people just like Brandon with a donation. Your donation of $50 today will warm 100 people in need of a warm coat.

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