Our goal each year is to #warmamillion people with new and gently worn coats. You can help us spread awareness about the need for warm coats and let your family, friends and community know about your coat drive in the following ways through social media.

We have provided these sample social media ideas for our registered Ambassadors holding coat drives. You can modify it to fit your drive specifics and needs. If you haven’t already registered, please learn How to Hold a Drive.

Sample Social Media Posts

Here are a few sample social media posts you can personalize and share on any of your social networks. Visit our graphics page, and choose a photo to accompany the posts below!

  • Millions of Americans can’t afford coats for their family. I’m holding a @onewarmcoat Drive on (date). Stop by with your gently worn coats and help me #warmamillion.
  • A 2-degree drop in body temperature results in reduced heart rate, loss of coordination, and confusion. Help me spread warmth by donating coats to my @onewarmcoat drive on (date) at (location). #warmamillion #igavewarmth
  • For the nearly 15% of Americans living in poverty, a warm winter coat is a budget “extra.” You can help by donating gently used coats to my @onewarmcoat drive. #igavewarmth
  • One in five children is living in poverty. Please donate gently used children’s coats to my @onewarmcoat drive on (date) at (location). #warmamillion #igavewarmth
  • Do you have lots of old coats in your closet – donate them! Stop by my @onewarmcoat drive at (location) on (date) and donate your gently worn coats to a great cause! #warmamillion
  • I’m spreading warmth in my local neighborhood by holding a @onewarmcoat drive. Ask me how you can get involved! #igavewarmth #warmamillion
  • Today I gave the gift of warmth by donating gently worn coats from my closet. #igavewarmth #warmamillion

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Other ways to spread the word on social media:

Social Media

Like/Follow One Warm Coat on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Share your Selfie

Share your Selfie! Take pictures of yourself, your coats and your donors during your coat drive and tag us* using #igavewarmth #warmamillion

* Your profiles must be set to public for One Warm Coat to see your tagged photos.

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