Press releases are a great way to get your upcoming coat drive into the news – print or radio.  Many local online and print newspapers will be happy to carry a story about your One Warm Coat Drive. We have provided this sample Press Release for our registered Ambassadors holding  coat drive. You can modify it to fit your drive specifics and needs as it is in Microsoft Word format. If you haven’t already registered, please learn How to Hold a Drive.

How To Use A Press Release

First you want to promote your coat drive!

  1. Download the appropriate “promote” press release for your type of coat drive by clicking on one of the images below.
  2. Personalize the sections of red text with your drive’s information.
  3. Email, mail, or fax the completed press release to your local newspapers, TV stations, radio stations, township e-newsletter, favorite blogger – etc.

The more places you send your press release, the more likely it is to be picked-up as a story.  Local newspaper and news stations love to talk about coat drives and may even send a reporter or photographer to your event.  Press releases are a great way to spread the word about your coat drive in your local community and help you collect even more coats.

Use this press release to promote Individual, Community, Youth-led, School, Nonprofit & Faith-based coat drives.

Use this press release to promote Employee Engagement & Business coat drives.

Use this press release to promote coat drives occurring in Canada.


Once your coat drive is over, it’s time to celebrate your success! Follow the steps above, but this time personalize the “celebrate” press release and send it out into the community with pictures and quotes from your coat drive.