Introducing the One Warm Coat

Coast to Coast Challenge

Companies across the country, with more than one location, are invited to join us by hosting “competing” drives at any of their locations. By participating in the Challenge, employees will vie to see which location can collect the most coats and dollars to support One Warm Coat.  As part of the Challenge, you will hold a traditional OWC coat drive, following our 6 easy steps, with the added fun of competing against other locations from your company!

Join the Challenge and make a difference in your community!


  1. One person within each company should be appointed as the Main Contact for the Coast to Coast Challenge. This person will “challenge” other locations, create each location’s fundraising page and oversee your company’s progress.
  2. The Main Contact registers their drive on OWC’s registration page.  When registering, please identify your drive as “C2C Challenge – Initiating”
  3. The Main Contact will receive instructions for creating their company’s fundraising page at Once the company page is created, the Main Contact will create “branch” pages for each participating location.
  4. The Main Contact will “challenge” other locations within their company to see if they are willing to compete against them. (a sample “challenge” email is available in the tool bar above).
  5. Each location that is “accepting” the Challenge will register on OWC’s registration page and identify their drive as “C2C Challenge – Accepting”.
  6. Each location that accepts the Challenge will receive instructions to provide information to their company’s Main Contact (who will create their unique fundraising page) and for holding a coat drive.
  7. Points will be awarded based on the number of coats and dollars collected divided by each location’s number of employees (to keep things fair): Coats + Cash/Number of Employees @ Location = Score. For example: 200 coats + $200/15 employees = 27 points.
  8. The Main Contact will email One Warm Coat every week with an updated leaderboard. A leaderboard sheet can be downloaded from the tool bar above.  One Warm Coat will update our Coast to Coast webpage with leaderboard results for all participating companies on a weekly basis.
  9. The duration of the Challenge is up to each company.
  10. When the Challenge ends, the location with the most points wins bragging rights (until the Challenge of 2017!)

All coats collected will be given to people in need in YOUR community! All funds raised will support One Warm Coat’s coat drive programs and outreach efforts!



How does the scoring system work?
Points are awarded based on the number of coats and dollars collected, divided by each location’s number of employees (to keep things fair).

Coats + Cash/Number of Employees @ Location = Score
Example= 75 coats + $200/50 employees = 6 points

How long does the Challenge last?
The Challenge can run for any duration and during any time of year that your company chooses.

What do we do with the donated coats?
Coats are to be given to a local non-profit agency for distribution in your community. Use One Warm Coat’s Non-profit Agency Locator or work with an agency of your choice to deliver the coats you collect once your drive is complete.

How do we collect dollars?
Funds can be collected in three ways:

  1. Each company will create their own fundraising page at, and each participating location will have a team page branching off of their company’s page. Donations made via your location’s causevox page will allow each location to see in real-time who has collected the most dollars and inspire a sense of fun competition.
  2. You can collect checks and cash in the donation envelope that is provided with your Coat Drive Kit. These funds will count towards your score but will not be posted until after your drive has been completed and the envelope is returned to One Warm Coat. Please be sure to write your coat drive number in the memo of all checks and your donation remittance envelope so we can give credit to the appropriate location.
  3. Company match: Many companies will make their employees’ charitable contribution and volunteer hours. Please check with your employer to see if they will match the donations of you and your colleagues!

All funds raised will support One Warm Coat’s coat drive programs and outreach efforts.

Is there a cost to join the Challenge?
There is no entry fee to join the Challenge when the challenge is for employees only.  If your company would like to include the public in the Challenge the drive would be considered a business drive; please contact us for more information. And remember – making a donation will significantly increase the score for your team!