For Agencies

How Your Agency Can Receive Coats

Thank you for letting One Warm Coat know about your need for coats. Our main activity is to support and encourage coat drives — with coats staying in their local community.

Our coat drive Organizers (the volunteers who create a coat drive) use our website as a resource to find a local organization that needs coats. Each Organizer selects the agency to receive the coats and takes care of the delivery of the coats.

Additionally, we also work with some retailers who host coat drives — and those coats are given to local agencies. When working with a retail sponsor, One Warm Coat staff may reach out to agencies to see if they have the resources to be a part of that activity – the ability to pick up the coats being a important part of those drives.

One way for your organization to receive coats would be to encourage people in your community to host a coat drive. Our website is a great place for ideas on creating a successful coat drive.

  • Do you know of a school that would like to create a coat drive?
  • Is there a hospital or hotel that would host a drive for their staff?
  • Do any of your board members have a place of business that could host a drive?

If you find volunteers or community members ready to host a coat drive, refer them to our website.

We do not maintain an inventory of coats and we do not ship coats to agencies. We wish we had the resources to be able to supply agencies with coats — but that is not within the scope of our work.

We know that it is YOUR work that is helping so many people in your community and we hope that we may be able to assist you.