About One Warm Coat

Our organization started in 1992 with a Thanksgiving weekend coat drive at one location in San Francisco.

Since then, we have welcomed thousands of groups across North America, who joined their efforts to ours with the same goal:

Collect coats to give to those in need, free of charge.


  • Develop and nurture the volunteer spirit in caring people everywhere.
  • Make it easy to help those in need in local communities.
  • Provide tools and resources to help volunteers organize coat drives, publicize their events and connect with local Agencies to distribute donated coats.

About Our Volunteers and Agency Friends

Together, we have given away close to 4 million coats so far!

Many people join together to work toward our goal:

  • Donors clean out their closets and give their coats.
  • Volunteer leaders organize coat drives and collect coats in their home towns.
  • Social service agency volunteers and staff distribute the coats to those in need.
  • Sponsors help us get the word out in cities across the country.

Our dream: That One Warm Coat will become a part of the American lifestyle; that when a coat is no longer needed, people will think of us and donate it; that donors will be warmed by the knowledge that their coats will go directly to children, women and men in need.

We invite YOU to work with us to make this dream a reality!