A Warm Coat Made a Big Difference in Their Lives

Thanks to our coat drive Organizers and the Agencies who partner with them to distribute coats in their communities, the One Warm Coat team receives notes like this one from Pauline H. at the Healing Place of Richmond (THPR) (VA) each week. “The men in this homeless shelter program don’t really have a lot…It’s hard to be able to get the proper clothing for themselves while trying to change their lives for the better. Being provided with a warm coat made a big difference in their lives. Once again I would like to thank you for all your help with the coats given for our clients.” Our hearts are warmed by each note we receive – and we know that it’s YOU, our Organizers and Agencies, who are truly deserving of the recognition. On behalf of coat recipients like the men at THPR, we thank you for making a big difference in your community every day!

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