Her BIG Worry

A fresh start,” that’s why the young girl and her mom were moving to northern CA from south Georgia. Seated next to me on the flight, she said they’d lost almost everything and were going to live with her aunt and 4 cousins. She was excited about reconnecting with family, wondering how different school might be – and very worried about not having a warm coat. “It gets cold up there, doesn’t it?” she asked. “I don’t have a warm coat.” (I told her that her mom would find many services available to her family, including those that offer warm coats to those in need.) Caught between wonder and worry, this 11-year old reminded me that there will always be a need for warm coats. For this girl and for all the families like hers, we encourage you to check your closet and plan to donate your extra warm coats. Our Organizers’ Fall coat drives will soon appear on our website. Look for one near you! Someone in your area is making a “fresh start,” too.

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